Our Bodies, Our Business

“Tasha and I were just talking about if we thought you were pregnant again!”...more

Starting Anew: Reflections on 2014, Postpartum Depression & Progress

On the surface, 2014 was an incredible year for our family. We sold our condo in February, welcomed our second baby into the world in March, and closed on our forever home twelve hours after I gave birth. Looking back, I feel blessed and grateful for all the positive life changes. My only regret is that I was unable to enjoy them in the moment. Instead, I spent the better part of the year mired in anxiety, hopelessness, overwhelm, and sadness. These feelings were familiar; I’d also experienced them after the birth of my first daughter in 2012....more

10 Practical Pottery Barn-inspired Holiday Decor Tips

We moved earlier this year, which means I get approximately 54 catalogs in the mail every month. Well played, home decor stores....more

Feeling The Baby Thermometer Burn

Normally, I am pretty laid back when it comes to baby-related personal care devices. I’m not a mom who spends seven hours online researching infant toothbrushes to make sure they’ve been assembled in a cruelty-free environment using the world’s purest silicone and  hand-woven silks from far-off lands. Nope. Send me to Target and I’ll buy the first one I see. But there is one baby-related personal care device that sends me into a flying freakin’ rage every time I need to use it: the digital baby thermometer....more

His Name is Evelyn

Holy Awkward: An Introvert’s Guide to Making Mom Friends

I have a confession to make: Making new friends is really hard for me. As a natural born introvert, I'm better at things like writing and analyzing than I am at socializing and small talk. I've always felt awkward in social situations. (In fact, I feel awkward knowing that I've just put that out there for people to read.) ...more
Amy Bruckman this one is for youmore

A One Finger Salute to the Pacifier

Pacifiers. Before you have babies, they seem like innocuous little tools. At some point in your pregnancy, most likely when you’re nearing the end and waddling through the baby section at Target for the 451st time, you’ll stop to browse the binkies. Lining the shelves are your run-of-the-mill greenish hospital ones, as well as an array of pacis with funky, printed patterns, and fluffy stuffed animal attachments. How cute, right?...more
Jess Ullrich Urban Beach Baby Thank you for sharing your journey. Night 1 and 2 are likely going ...more

Where Is My Poop: 4 Little Words a Toddler Parent Never Wants to Hear

Over the weekend, I was finishing up some dishes while my two-year-old daughter played quietly in her room. Without warning, she burst into the kitchen and asked me a question that would send any reasonable parent of a potty training toddler into a full-fledged freakin' panic: "Where is my poop, momma?" ...more
Tina Bassett That's a hilarious story... Totally sounds like something my daughter would say. ...more

Parenting Truth: My Kids and I Are Not Perfect

Before we started our family, I had all these preconceived notions about parenting and children....more

An Affair to Remember

Our relationship has changed since I had kids. It seems like such a short time ago that we spent our long, blissful nights together. Sometimes you’d swoop in while I was relaxing on the couch enjoying a glass of wine during the prime time lineup; other times I’d call on you in the wee hours of the morning after a fun evening out with friends. You were always so refreshing and gentle, and if I was lucky, you’d stay with me past Saturday morning breakfast. After you departed, I’d awake feeling like a new woman. A woman who could conquer the world without batting an eye....more