Savory. Crunchy. Flavorful.

I love food. I really do. And Kathy's Thanksgiving Dinner ( which has absolutely nothing to do with Thanksgiving) is one of my Favorite recipes. It is super easy!I posted this recipe on my Blog The Jewelamite's Guide ( I thought I would share it on here as well. I so enjoy sharing recipes, memories, and delicious finds. Check out my blog and follow. I'd love to share more delicious recipes, like this, with all of you! Happy Eating....more
@victorias_view Isn't it yummy! My mom only makes it on special occasions. It's one of my ...more

Finals. Coffee. Blogging.

Finals are here. . bring on the Coffee!  I've always been a night-owl, so staying up to study is nothing for me. The coffee is really only there because I like the way it tastes. The last thing I need is a caffeine buzz. Heart palpitations don't do a whole lot for me. More than anything I like a good cookie to go along with my studying. Gluten free cookies. Right now I'm hooked on Vanilla Banana Nut cookies. . My own recipe! I'm actually posting the recipe on my blog tomorrow....more

Gluten free. No fat. Organic. Lactose intolerant friendly. . .Ice cream!

I love ice cream way too much. It's one of my favorite things. Seriously, it's a food group. Since ice cream is not so friendly to the waist area, I avoid it at all costs. So, excitement shot through my body at the prospect of ice cream that contains only 37 calories per serving! Thirty- seven!! You can eat the whole pint for only 150 calories. Which is the normal cal count for a serving of regular ice cream. But it gets better. This ice cream is...more

Double Chocolate Caramel Cookies

I love cookies. Chocolate cookies! I set to make super chocolatey cookies. I succeeded. Double Chcolate Caramel Cookies.I created, tested and now have shared this oh so yummy recipe! The recipe is on my blog. The Jewelamite's Guide.  You must try these cookies! Happy Eating, Friends!...more

Pasta Plus

Hey foodies! I have a tasty nibble to share with you. Pasta can be troublesome for the gluten intolerant; I have a fix for that that will brighten your day. Barilla Plus. You may already know about this amazing pasta. It is made from lentils; so the little gluten that it does contain is more easily digested! And the very best part. . it tastes exactly like regular pasta! Miracle. It is better for you all around. It has fewer carbs and more protein. If you love your spaghetti,like me, Barilla Plus is the perfect pasta for you.  ...more