How to Walk in High Heels – The RIGHT Way

High heels are super sexy. Every woman should own a pair of high heels (even stilettos if you dare) and of course, they should be put to use regularly. While flats and sneakers arecomfortable, nothing beats a good pair of heels.High heels makes your booty popHigh heels makes your calves bulgeHigh heels attracts menHigh heels makes you feel like a WOMAN.The problem (HUGE problem) is......more

Best Eye Makeup Tutorials/Top Youtube Eye Makeup Gurus

Sexy eye makeup is THE most important part of your makeup routine by far! If done properly, it will make your eyes pop and sparkle. Men are drawn to the eyes so why not make them stand out more ? Make them look sexy and mysterious! Need some good eye makeup tutorials? Read more...~Jewels xoxo...more

Switch up the Look!

When it comes to love and dating it’s often hard to keep people around long enough to know their last name. It’s frustrating, disappointing and not to mention….confusing! Here’s a quick, yet simple, tip that keeps the opposite sex hanging around longer and actually engaged: Read more... ~Jewels xoxo...more

‘Housewives’ Michaele Salahi Kidnapped!…By Love…Don’t Stop Believing!

So it’s the hype of the day… Last night Tareq Salahi reported that his wife, Michaele Salahi from Real Housewives of DC (they crashed the Whitehouse party, remember?) was missing and possibly kidnapped.Tareq’s twitterfeed: Read more.. ~Jewels xoxo...more

Can Hypnosis Improve Self Confidence? (Video)

One of the most common questions we get is: How can I get self confidence? Considering how much we stress the importance of confidence when it comes to attraction and dating – it makes sense! (We love the questions, keep them coming). The way you perceive yourself is the way others will perceive you. That’s the bottom line. So it really starts with you. Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about how people use hypnosis to improve confidence so I wanted to dig in a little deeper....more

9 Signs You’re Dating a Douchebag

Ladies, if you’re single and dating, there are some signs you can easily pick up on that will indicate a man is NOT the one for YOU. 1. He always calls you late nightThe core hours of the day are 9am-9pm. This is when almost everyone’s priorities take place. If a man can’t fit you into his schedule within these CORE hours....Read more...  ~Jewels xoxo...more

5 Easy Ways to Get Out of the Single Slump

Being single can be a rather stressful and anxiety-causing time in life. You feel like you’re getting older and life is just passing you by. Your friends are getting married and having kids and you…well, are still busy figuring out whether you’re having water or milk to wash down that TV dinner.We’ve ALL been there and I promise, dear friend, you will bounce back!So what do I do ?...more

9 Biggest Mistakes Women Make When Dating

When it comes to dating, men easily get turned off and there are some things that we, women, do to contribute to it. Here are 9 mistakes you might be making:1. Texting and calling before he gets a chance to text or call YOU If a man says: ‘I’ll call you at 9:30′ and you call him before then, well, he wasn’t expecting your call and now…Read more...  ~Jewels xoxo...more

How to Identify a Compatible Partner That is RIGHT for You

When you meet someone new, you can easily get caught up focusing on all the wrong things. Yes, you might be physically attracted to them. Yes, you might love their sense of humor. Yes, you might love what they do for a living. But the real question is …. does this person make a compatible partner? Here are some questions you should ask yourself: Read More... ~Jewels xoxo...more

Why Happy Couple Posing Only Fools YOU

More and more people are using social media nowadays to pimp out their relationships and the world has had just about enough. You know who I’m talking about. People that constantly update their status to let everyone know how incredibly happy they are with their partner…Read More... ~Jewels xoxo...more