Pushing at the Darkness

(I originally wrote this two years ago. But, the message is still true- the light is on its way.)Darkness terrified me. ...more

A Rare Morning

Shhhh.My house is empty. It's so quiet. I am all alone.If I'm dreaming, please don't wake me.I'm not dreaming ....more

To Myself as a New Bride

23 years ago I woke on a sunny December morning, butterflies abounding. Wedding day. Is there any more thrilling day in the life? ...more


I hate daylight savings time.Forget the 'extra hour of sleep'--I can get that on a lazy Sunday afternoon while my kids watch Nickelodeon. Daylight savings is a sleep schedule ruiner. It throws all of us off, and sleep schedules are important.You learn this from the moment you have children ....more

Time Keeps Ticking

My dad had back surgery last week....more

Happy Awareness Month

It's October baby! You know what that means, right? Yep, it's Apple Jack Month ....more

48 is Great!

I had a birthday last week. The big 48. Depending where you are in your life, that number may seem big or small ....more

Writing Challenge- Enchanted Forest

One of the women in my writing group has been giving us daily writing prompts with the challenge to write for 10 minutes on that prompt. This is a great exercise to get your writing juices flowing and I love the way the story unfolds as you write. Also ten minutes is not much time ....more

New Season-New Start

It's September.Those words are like a sigh for me.The heat of summer has slipped away. There are hints of new color on the trees. And, the kids are back in school.For me, fall is a new beginning more than any January ....more

This Means War

I am not a competitor.The last time I tried to play organized sports was the tryouts for 9th grade basketball. During practice I tripped over my own feet and twisted my ankle. (If I had a middle name, it would not be Grace.) {But I don't have a middle name.} [That's a blog post for another time.]Anyway, my competitive spirit was squashed along with my cheap tennies.I'm a lover, not a fighter.But when it comes to my writing, I'll make an exception.I'll even go to war.What kind of war, you say?Pitch War.First, I stalked a bunch of people online ....more