365 Days

Sadie just minutes before entering the MTC. Our church is big on preparation. Prepare for your future ....more

Can You Hear Me Now?

Gah!!I am so out of practice with this blog-writing thing. I start a post, then erase it. Start another and erase it too ....more

Merry Social-Media Christmas

As I scrolled through my facebook and Instagram feeds this morning, I found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed. My breathing quickened, my heart raced and I thought I might be having a panic attack. What was wrong? ...more

Shallow Reflection


Destiny unfullfilled


49 is Fabulous

Last week was my birthday. It wasn't a "big" one that ended in a zero. All the same, it felt big ....more

Your Mom Goes to College

(One of my classes today.) Today I started a new chapter in my life. It's called, Your Mom Goes to College As my first day at Weber State ended, I realized there are a few things that might happen if you return to school after twent--mffshh *ahem* a lot of years....more

Hold On

There has been a lot of tragedy in our lovely state this week. Several families were altered forever. Lives were changed ....more

Hitting the High Notes

Today's in-the-car-alone-at-6am-nobody-on-the-freeway-sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-and-dance-like-a-fool songs- You should have heard me try to hit those high notes. On second thought, you really shouldn't have. I may have had a pack of dogs following my car.I love 70's music.That is all ....more

80's Music Rocks

Today's all-alone-at-7am-on-the-freeway-so-no-one-can-hear-me-sing-at-the-top-of-my-lungs songs- You should have heard me. I was awesome. Well, not really ....more