Writing Challenge- Enchanted Forest

One of the women in my writing group has been giving us daily writing prompts with the challenge to write for 10 minutes on that prompt. This is a great exercise to get your writing juices flowing and I love the way the story unfolds as you write. Also ten minutes is not much time ....more

New Season-New Start

It's September.Those words are like a sigh for me.The heat of summer has slipped away. There are hints of new color on the trees. And, the kids are back in school.For me, fall is a new beginning more than any January ....more

This Means War

I am not a competitor.The last time I tried to play organized sports was the tryouts for 9th grade basketball. During practice I tripped over my own feet and twisted my ankle. (If I had a middle name, it would not be Grace.) {But I don't have a middle name.} [That's a blog post for another time.]Anyway, my competitive spirit was squashed along with my cheap tennies.I'm a lover, not a fighter.But when it comes to my writing, I'll make an exception.I'll even go to war.What kind of war, you say?Pitch War.First, I stalked a bunch of people online ....more

Magical Books

I am a reader of books.I am a writer of books.I love books.From my earliest memories, I loved books. I spent hours reading and imagining myself in the places and lives on those pages. I read about Helen Keller and Ann Frank ....more

Living Outside the Zone

For a very long time, I sailed through my life in comfort. Not financial or even true physical comfort, but that which comes of keeping things easy. No challenges, no goals ....more

The Cokeville Miracle Movie Set

I believe in miracles. I do. I believe in angels and that God does, at times, reach down and touch our lives....more

Why I Love Where I Live- Jet Noise

Photo original here. I ...more

Body Love

I have a love/hate relationship with my body. Don't we all?I read this article yesterday and it resonated with me. For so long, I avoided swimsuits ....more

Quiet Time

(Original here.) The house is quiet.The only sounds that stir me this morning are sleepy breathing across the hall, chirping birds outside my window, and the heavy, distant rumbling of trucks making their early rounds.Soon enough, the house will wake. It will be filled with shouts and laughter, the ping-ring of video games, and the soft whoosh of the refrigerator door being opened--again and again. There will be arguments and footsteps and, most likely, the bang of toys hitting walls ....more

My New Office!

The front room in our house has had many purposes. My husband calls it the "Home Teacher's Room"- the one you keep clean for visitors. Then, for a long time it was the Wii-room....more