I still have a LobbyCon ticket I'm not using.. reduced price - $75!

If you'd like it, it's yours! Email me at jgaynor711@gmail.com and we can set up a paypay to that same email address... I'll have the foiks at BlogHer transfer it to your name. Thanks! Julia   ...more

My buyer backed out - I STILL have a LobbyCon ticket for $75!! Both days!

If you're interested, email me at jgaynor711@gmail.com and you can paypal me at that same address. Thanks! Julia   ...more

LobbyCon Ticket available at reduced price - only $75!

If you'd like to buy my LobbyCon ticket, I got a full admission ticket and would love to get some of my money back so am selling LobbyCon for $75! If you're interested, email me at jgaynor711@gmail.com.   Thanks! ...more

Lobby Con Ticket for Sale!

Hi! I've got a LobbyCon tcket for sale! It's $100, the price I paid. If you'd like it, please email me at  jgaynor711@gmail.com. Thanks! Julia ...more

Anyone have a ticket they're not using? One or both days - I'll pay! :)

Hi, I've got a "Lobby Con" ticket but I'd LOVE to be able to take part in the breakout sessions and lunches and would happily pay someone to use their ticket if they can't go. I've got flight and hotel already...  Please contact me if you've got a ticket you're not using. Thanks!! Julia   jgaynor711@gmail.com   www.juliadoesboston.blogspot.com www.bostonsavingsdiva. blogspot.com ...more


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