Writing Room

A few days ago I read this post over at Writing Roads, which suggests that you should "dress" for work even if you work from home.  Just because you can be in your pajamas all day doesn't mean you should.  Why?  Among other reasons, the article asserts that you can't really take...more

LAST DAY of my Write-a-thon

Today is the day.  By midnight tonight (Colorado time), I will have completed my write-a-thon.  Typical me, Iā€™m pushing it right down to the wire with a full ten hours left to write.  Yes, one-third of the total of goal of thirty hours remains.  Those of you who have been reading the blog for a while know how I feel about deadlines.  Scary, exhilarating, thrilling, motivating.  Tonight, for example, I completed...more

Tori Spelling Writes a Picture Book - What Next?

Thar she blows!  Here comes a full-scale tirade.  I tried to resist.  Especially since writing this rant of a post does not count toward my write-a-thon goal.  BUT after gnashing my teeth over this issue for the past week, I could stand it no longer....more

Book Giveaway - The Help

In honor of my excitement over my new book club, I am giving away my hardcover copy, in excellent condition, of our February book ā€“ The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.  We all liked the book; some of us loved it.  One thing is for sure ā€“ it generated a fascinating d...more

Announcing the Write-a-thon

Anyone worth his or her salt in PR will tell you not to announce something on a Friday unless you want it to fly under the radar.  Friday announcements tend to go unnoticed, buffered as they are by weekend days, making it difficult to generate "buzz."  So I'm going against the grain here by announcing my own personal two-week write-a-thon.  Reason?  I'm excited and I don't want to wait until Monday.  Not to mention I could use the weekend to write!...more