4 Favorite Recipes for Chilly Weather

**Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate link on the books! Which, I'd like to add, you might be able to find cheaper at www.booksprice.com - a very helpful resource for buying books online. Also, www.abebooks.com ....more

Old Friends at Our New Place

Amanda, my dear friend from Tucson, made a three hour detour while visiting family in Utah, to come visit us for a few days. For the last four years, Amanda has been my Tucson tour guide, neighbor, friend, sister in the Gospel, a calming influence (we all know I could always use more of those!), a listening ear, crafty/artistic consultant, the person with an egg or scoop of vanilla when I ran out, and my parenting Sensei. We've thrown a boutique-style garage sale together, picked and canned prickly pears together, celebrated Halloween, Easter, birthdays, and other special occasions together ....more

My Interpretation of Uchtdorf’s “A Summer with Great-Aunt Rose”

Parables are simple stories about seemingly every day occurrences. They always have a deeper spiritual meaning that is not discerned except through revelation. Christ often taught this way so that the listeners could be edified according to their level of understanding, and not be held to the higher level of responsibility/condemnation for upholding/dismissing the wisdom found therein ....more

Foraging and Preserving: Friends and Food

Remember this post? About how making transitions in a new town was proving to be harder than I'd imagined? Well, residency continues to give our family more challenges than medical school ever did ....more

Our First Home

On June 4th, we bought a home - our very first home! Want to see a bit of it? We took this picture back in early May the evening before we decided to make an offer on the house ....more

Pantry and Prophecy

Today, I have pictures of something totally mundane from my life to show you in order to illustrate a really important and time-sensitive message for us all.Remember how I told you in my last post that we built a pantry? We did! It was quite a process ....more

Transition Shock

I have come to the conclusion that making transitions is an art - one which I haven't even remotely mastered. Sometimes - especially during these transition times - life can be damn hard. Yes ....more

Slow Enough to Make a Difference

This morning the light of the sun stirred a fierce desire in me to get out of the house and to break in my new running shoes. But with no husband at home, three children under the age of 4, and no jogging stroller to call my own, my prospects for a good workout were dismal at best. But I am an eternal optimist, "Maybe if I just get out of the house, it'll work out better than I think it can!" ...more

Match Day Results!

Oh, med school! It has been a ride and it's very quickly coming to a close....more

How I Do It All! ;)

After my last blog post on food, my long-time childhood friend, Courtney, commented on my facebook account with these kind words: "I am amazed by you! Honestly how you find the time to make so many amazing recipes, sew, ect and be a mom and wife is beyond me! Kudos and so much respect to you!!! ...more