True Disciples of Christ Defend the Doctrine of Traditional Marriage

"To be a righteous woman is a glorious thing in any age. To be a righteous woman during the winding up scenes on this earth, before the second coming of our Savior, is an especially noble calling. The righteous woman’s strength and influence today can be tenfold what it might be in more tranquil times ....more

Kidlet Update and The Penguin Backpack Miracle

Lincoln had his very first day of pre-school today! I'm working with 5 other ladies in my ward in a co-op; we each take turns teaching the kids about a different topic. It's two times a week ....more

The Hepworth Family Preparedness Cookbook: Recipes, Tutorials and Other Helpful Hints

Guys, I'm totally nesting in combination with prepping if you couldn't tell by my last couple of posts. An exhausting (and expensive), but mostly just exhausing endeavor! But, I just finished something pretty awesome I want to share with all of you ....more

Letters to My Sister: Food Storage Inventory/Planning - Made Simpler

**Hey Sis, Another Prepping Post for you (and everyone else who will see this) ;) with more details on how much to get of what items and where! P.S. Did you see my post about making your own "Cream of...more

Food Storage Tip: 20 Cans of Condensed Soup (Mix) in 15 Minutes

Credit for the recipe goes to 1orangegiraffe! Check out the original blog post, here. Hey there! ...more

My Faith is Not Blind.

How great it feels to make that declaration! It's one that has been on my mind for quite a while now and it's time I let this out for the world (and my children should they ever read these blog posts!) to hear. My faith is not blind ....more

Be a Rebel: Have an Opinion

Philosophical Debate in Vienna On my study abroad in Vienna, I had all sorts of interesting conversations with my "host dad" about our differing world views. I loved talking with him even though (and perhaps especially because) we saw everything from completely opposite ends of almost every spectrum. His view of America's founding, for example, was such that it reduced all who came to settle our country as dishonest, rebellious, traitorous, fortune-seeking criminals ....more

Hodge-podge Happiness

Signed, Sealed, Delivered Squire always teases me, "You know, you should read or watch something just for fun some time." That's probably true. I tend to get in the mindset that the things I spend my time on need to be for some specific purpose - to enlarge my or my family's spiritual or intellectual development, to prepare, to develop skills, to be useful. Hence the reason the only shows I really let Lincoln watch are education things from the library (an occasional Veggie Tales) or an episode of Planet Earth on DVD ....more

Pregnant Occasions: 15 Weeks with Jumping Bean

Sibling Interest:...more

The Hepworth Home: Full and Growing . . .

My heart is so absolutely, unbelievably full to overflowing with joy these days. I think I've finally grown into motherhood - at least just enough to the point where I have found out, with God's grace, how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. In that place, I've found that the flame of my adoration for these spunky little souls, has burst forth a million fold ....more