Coaching as a Career

Is anyone here a Professional Coach? If so - did you get training? Are you accredited? What are some good coaching links? This is a new career I am interested in and looking to learn more. Please contact me at if you have an opportunity! ...more

Hey there,

I'm not sure what sort of coaching you're considering so can't really offer any ...more

'07 Confernece Whereabouts?

I know the '06 conference hasn't even started yet - but does anyone know where the '07 one is being held? And when??? ...more

Listing on BlogHer

I tried to add my blogs - but I don't think they were listed...please help... Jill ...more

Thank you so much for answering my question:) (advice ...more

SPillto Jill

Hi ALl, I just found this site - and really like it so far! I have an online advice column - feel free to check it out: JIll ...more

Nice site and congratulations on being featured on the XM radio broadcast!

Cat & Co.
"Living ...more