Take Action on Outside Food & School Fundraising

photo by derek hatfield/flickr Just a few weeks ago, my daughters’ swim team hosted a fundraising car wash to offset the expense of team swimsuits and goggles. The swimmers did the work of washing cars, advertising, and successfully raised enough money to offset about 50% of the cost of these items for each swimmer. This is what I call fundraising in a healthy way—raising money through work, like washing cars or other service opportunities ....more

How to Handle Sweets and Kids

How do you handle sweets?Photo byJames Emery/Flickr How many sweets should your child have in one day? What constitutes a sweet? How to handle sweets and kids...more

27 Breakfast Ideas for Toddlers

Feeding the toddler can be an exercise in frustration, but it doesn’t have to be! I’ve got 27 breakfast ideas for toddlers that will help you keep food variety rotating, with flavor and nutrition a high priority. Your toddler may challenge you with picky eating, limited self-feeding skills, or loving a food so much he wants to eat it everyday, but don’t let these normal phases derail you ....more

7 Lessons from the Diabetic Diet

I don’t believe in the “diabetic diet.” I believe in a balanced diet that focuses on wholesome, real foods. I teach my patients that no food is “off-limits.” With planning and moderation, all foods can fit into a healthful diet. To put it simply, we could all benefit from the lessons of the “diabetic diet.” Here are the 7 lessons from the diabetic diet I teach my young patients and families: 1)...more

Trials with Bringing Lunch to School

Hi Everyone! I am on a hiatus and so I am re-posting this blog from last year. After reading about my teens taking lunch to school again, I will add that my...more

Best Microwave Popcorn In The Grocery Store

What’s the best microwave popcorn in the grocery store? We set out to discover our top 3 picks in the supermarket, looking at 5 aspects of each brand to ensure you are purchasing a healthy product. Natural popcorn is a delicious whole grain snack that is full of satisfying fiber ....more

What Moms Can Do About the Hungry, Growing Boy

My crazy, hungry son on vacation. If you have a teen or a pre-teen boy, you may recognize...more

My Baby Nutrition Wish List

by Nadia Phaneuf/Flickr I have been thinking a lot lately about the big nutrition picture for babies. Having been around the block as a pediatric dietitian—from clinical practice in some of the world’s most famous hospitals and operating my own pediatric-specific private practice– to mothering and feeding four of my own children (plus the mothering of friends and relatives that go along with the territory), I have some...more

15 Healthy Frozen Meals

The new generation of frozen meals are not your mother’s TV dinners. Photo by Steven Depolo/FLickr Summertime and the living is easy, right? It could be if you had 15 healthy frozen meals to choose from!...more

5 Summer Snacking Problems Solved

Summer snacking problems can be a common frustration for parents. After all, summer is a time for long days at the beach and pool, camps, cookouts and time with friends and family. With it comes...more