How to Create a Love for Health in Your Child’s Life

I am often asked to help children make the healthy choice, or to help a child be healthy, or just want to be healthy. In essence, to create a love for health. “I wish she would want to be healthy.” “Can you help my child be healthy?” “Can you help him want to eat healthy food?” Being healthy isn’t only about the quality of food your child eats ....more

Teenage Weight Gain: What You Can Do

I’ve seen it time and time again. Teens who start to pack on the weight—around the mid-section, in the hip and rear area, or just looking pudgy all over. For some teens this will be a normal part of their development—that awkward pudgy appearance that precedes an epic leap in height ....more

Granola Bar Guide for Kids

Snacks rule—on the field, and at home. While healthy snacking isn’t always easy–your kids care about how food tastes; you care about the quality of nutrition they’re eating–making thoughtful choices can prevent unhealthy snacks from taking over your child’s diet. While granola bars can be both nutrition- and taste-friendly, they also can be a fat and sugar trap ....more

Are You Doing Pizza Right?

I like pizza. My kids like pizza. In almost every speaking event I give, or interaction with someone who knows I “do” kids’ nutrition, someone almost always asks, “Is pizza okay for my child to eat?” My response is: “Yes, of course, as long as you…” There’s a reason for my qualifying statement—it’s because we, as a nation of parents and adults involved with kids and teens, often do pizza wrong ....more

Kids Food ReBoot: A Free Webinar

I was asked to share this upcoming webinar with you. Take a moment to check it out! A Public Health Campaign Opportunity Webinar Date & Time:...more

Pan-Fried Green Beans

I know many of you are looking for ways to get your kids to eat more vegetables. While many strategies exist, some of which I outline in this series, you can’t deny the power of taste. If you can make vegetables taste good, you’ve got a leg up on getting your kid to eat them ....more

Looking for Simple Life in 2015

My 2015 want-to’s… I have been dreaming of a smaller house and a smaller car. Wanting to “thin out” my closet, my kitchen, and my whole house. Stirring for more ‘want-to’s’ in my life, and less ‘have-to’s.’ I have a yearning to throw a lasso around everything, and corral it into a smaller, simple life ....more

White Chocolate-coated Christmas Candy: A Holiday Tradition

Last night we decorated the holiday tree. Yes, on a Monday night. Why? ...more

Got a Teen Vegetarian? Here’s What You Need to Know

photo by wonderlane/flickr I don’t have a teen vegetarian, yet. However, I have had each one of my girls consider it, and try it. It’s not uncommon for teens to be curious about vegetarian nutrition ....more

13 Signs Your Teen is in a Growth Spurt

As a mom of four teens, I have been through the teen growth spurt a few times. With three teen daughters, I have watched and endured the physical and emotional changes. Now, I am watching my fourth, and only son, morph before my eyes ....more