Second Chance Summer

… will show up tomorrow in print and digital and audio formats wherever you buy your crack– er, romance novels!! Mountain landscape with blossoming field and blue sky Maybe you might make an author’s day and keep her employed to boot by preordering…? Amazon BN iBooks Google p.s don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter here so you don’t miss any good stuff! p.s.s. Two random commenters from today’s post will win my NEXT book ALL I WANT… ...more

Best of

So it’s hot here. Hotter than blazes. And hotter than blazes at high altitude is HOT ....more

Happy Hump Day and maybe open on the sly

So I was looking for a pic of Aidan Kincaid from SECOND CHANCE SUMMER, who is a firefighter, S&R expert, and heartbreaker. Think I found him. What do we think? ...more

tuesday’s tidbits

Whatcha all reading right now? Good? Bad? ...more

A caption this sort of day slash giveaway

Here we have Youngest and Yoda (aka Dumbass) having a moment which may or may not be related to last week’s deadline hell. (Also I took this pic from Youngest’s SnapChat, which she doesn’t like when I do that so shh don’t tell her ) Caption the pic. THREE of you will win next week’s SECOND CHANCE SUMMER… ...more

Thursday’s inspiration

So I’m starting a new book. I always try to make a song list for my books and I already have song #1 for this one. It’s First Time by Lifehouse ....more

Happy Hump Day

Thought you might like a peek at one sexy hot Aidan Kincaid from SECOND CHANCE SUMMER coming to your stores and ereaders in 12 days!!! You are welcome. Need a teasing tidbit and buy links? ...more

Wash And Repeat

So we took Frat Boy to San Francisco to visit Oldest, who is a kitty foster mama. Frat Boy had never seen a kitty before, ever. He wasn’t at all sure about it either ....more

My idea of fun

I wrote my two favorite words this weekend. The End. So it was time for fun ....more

Today’s page…

Guess which book this is from: At seven the next morning, AJ stood outside Darcy’s house in a freezing mist, leaning against his truck. He knew better than to rush a woman, but they really needed to get going to allow for any unplanned incidents on the road. Although considering Darcy was one really big Unplanned Incident, it probably wouldn’t matter when they left ....more