Hot Guys Reading

A little eye candy doing one of my very favorite things…. And it gets better… And best yet… You are welcome ....more

A co-blog

My friend Helenkay Dimon and I both have novellas our right now so we decided to do a co-blog for your amusement. We both love alpha heroes, smart heroines, romance novels and reading each other’s books. We also both have a novella out this December ....more

An I Love Lucy story

Warning: this is going to be one of those stories where I get emails that say no way did you do that, but I’m sorry to say it’s all true. Every single word. A few years back we were taking Oldest to visit a few colleges up and down the coast ....more

My holiday faves

Recently iBooks asked me to write up a blog on my favorite holiday reads. That should have been an easy one but as with my own children, I had a hard time narrowing down my faves. So here they are, NOT in any particular order: TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS by Clement C ....more

Convo with Alpha Man

So it’s dumping snow and Alpha Man tried to show me how to use the snow blower for the hundredth time. We stood before the great beast and our conversation went like this: Him: Okay, so what comes first? Me: The chicken ....more

Friday’s giveaway

You know the drill. Name the excerpt and be in the running for the book of your choice from my backlist: His kiss was heady stuff, all deep and hot and wet… “We’re not discussing what happened last weekend,” she finally said. “You mean when you had your wild way with me in my truck?” “I didn’t—” But they both knew she totally had ....more

Thursday’s Tidbits!

First, THANK YOU to everyone who bought MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY, the $1.99 novella hit the NYT and USA Today bestseller lists yesterday and I’m STILL over the moon! XOXOXO! Second, I’m playing SECRET SANTA! ...more

Deadline brain

So it happens with every book. Deadline hell. This means that I do nothing but panic and angst and work like a fiend, because no matter how far out I set the deadlines, I come up against that deadline ....more

Best Of

This is a repeat from a few years back but it’s the story of how we get our tree and it’s the same every year: When did it become December? How did that happen? No, seriously, HOW? ...more

My writing day

Here is my writing day in a nutshell: Write down a few sentences Check Tumblr for some inspiring pics. Change the background on my desktop. Write another sentence ....more