Need a keeper

Still in New York. Yesterday went to my publisher’s offices and the walls are all glass. And thankfully — when no one was looking — I walked right into one and bounced my face off of it ....more

A new I Love Lucy story

So … I’m still in New York and I needed a taxi and couldn’t get one because I’m a wuss. I downloaded this app called Uber and THEY SEND A CAR RIGHT TO YOU. It’s seriously magic ....more

Jill does NY

So it’s still hot as hell in New York. For those of you wondering… But the good news is that I only got lost once so far. Okay, twice ....more

Monday Musings and Other Stuff

So I’m in New York in a hotel room about to have a week at a writer’s conference… But over the weekend I did a signing with my girl crush Nora Roberts: Oh and here was Alpha Man pretending to be me at the signing. I’ll be posting pics all weeks of the authors I’m stalking so stay tuned. In the meantime, caption this picture of Middle’s bff being driven to the lake ....more

Thursday’s Tidbits

So I leave tomorrow for Maryland, going to the Nora Roberts’ big summer book signing and I’m so excited. And then from there head to New York for Romance Writers of America’s conference. There are signings at both, so please come visit!! ...more

Jill and Bear

Huh. I was sitting on my deck and saw something moving in the woods. I thought it was Frat Boy ....more

Tuesday’s Tidbits

Name the book this excerpt is from: “How did you fall?” he asked. “Backward. Fast,” she quipped, not about to admit she’d been startled by a bunny ....more

Monday’s Musings

It snowed and then hailed in Tahoe. In July. What ....more

Frat Boy and bear poo

See Frat Boy. See Frat Boy who has rolled in bear poo… Caption this, a few of you will the book of your choice!! ...more

Happy Hump Day

Thought I’d share my writing inspiration for this lovely hump day… You are welcome ....more