Monday’s Musings

Some things you missed on FB this week… Here’s Frat Boy saying GET UP GET UP GET UP!!! And here’s a text I got from Alpha Man. While sitting across from him: And here’s a pic of a future hero except … What do you supposed happened one second later when the water went up his nose? ...more


Which of the following, in any combination, happened to me yesterday? 1. Searched for my iPhone … before remembering I was actually using it at the time. 2. Found my missing keys in the silverware drawer. 3 ....more

I Love Lucy lives…

So I have this odd soapy taste in my mouth which is annoying the heck out of me, and I went to the source of all truth to figure it out. The internet. Anyway, Mr ....more

Hump Day

Now I know that usually involves a pic of a hot guy but scroll down to see the past two days. As for today, we’ve got 50 mph winds and spotty internet so I have to hurry. USA Today is giving away my books with an exclusive excerpt of the brand new (and last!) Lucky Harbor ONE IN A MILLION ....more

One In A Million

So first things first. I want to thank you for loving Lucky Harbor. It’s hard to believe that today the last full length book comes out ONE IN A MILLION ....more

TGIF goodness

So ONE IN A MILLION is coming Tuesday… “I’m off men, you know.” “Yeah. I know.” Tanner pulled Callie in, hard against his body. She took two handfuls of his shirt ....more

Thursday’s giveaway!

Thanks to those of you who put HE’S SO FINE on both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists this week! XOXO! To celebrate, I’m going to giveaway four copies of next Tuesday’s ONE IN A MILLION ....more

Catch up

You all mentioned that you like to be caught up on what I’m doing on Facebook. Here’s some of the past week’s posts. Last Monday: Sneaked into a store to visit HE’S SO FINE ....more

Super Heroines

Romance novels are all about strong women but in my latest novel, HE’S SO FINE, Oliva goes above and beyond trying to save our hero, Cole, from drowning. She jumps off the dock before realizing a) he doesn’t really need any help and b) she can’t really swim. In honor of her somewhat misguided heroics and his nickname for her—Supergirl—I wanted to rank my top five female superheroes ....more

Monday’s Madness

Just thought I’d share for this Monday morning what my current hero looks like. More details on his story to come. For now, I really really really want to hear some of your favorite books you’ve read lately ....more