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Been awhile since I did this, shared something rough from the manuscript I’m working on… Remember, ROUGH! She walked the three miles to work, reminding her that in return she could have dessert with both lunch and dinner as a prize. She shoved her running shoes into her tote and head into the building adjacent to the hospital, where for this week she was temping, running the front office at the special care facility ....more

Happy Hump Day

I’m thinking of this guy for Aidan Kincaid, the hero in next month’s SECOND CHANCE SUMMER. Anyone approve? Kindle Nook iBooks Google Play ...more

Name it…

Name the book this excerpt comes from and three of you will win it, or my next book, your choice! Need a hint? It’s one of the books in the sidebar to the right! ...more

Best Of

So it’s Monday and I have a stomach bug. I think the two go together pretty well, don’t you? Anyway, here’s an I Love Lucy/Jill story from seven years ago today to entertain you while I’m gone: I locked myself out of the house ....more

Well holy cow…

STILL THE ONE made the USA Today and the New York Times bestseller lists yesterday!!! I want to thank each and everyone who bought the book. It means so much to me! ...more

Happy Hump Day

Some days… … words just aren’t required. Happy Hump/Wednesday and you look FANTASTIC today ....more

An I-Love-Lucy moment

So I mostly drive an automatic. I used to drive a stick, years ago, BK (before kids) but in the child raising years of my life, I found I needed both hands free to handle whatever situation came up in the car, things like “mom the dog is chewing my seatbelt” or “Mom, did you bring my uniform” or “Mom, there’s a cop following you”. Those kinds of things ....more

Monday again?

Name the book the excerpt comes from. Darcy had been working on training Oreo for an hour—with less than wondrous results—when AJ pulled up. He parked his truck on the street and crossed the yard to where she sat in the grass ....more

Thursday’s Tidbits…

I’m hearing that STILL THE ONE is already selling out at Walmart and Target, I’d love to have more reports if any of you are stalking the book aisles. Thought you might want to see the pic of Karen White and I from last summer. Karen is the narrator for the audio version of STILL THE one ....more

Happy Hump Day!

It’s Hump Day and I needed a pick me up. Thought I’d share. You are welcome ....more