Hump Day

Is it any wonder that I watch Supernatural? 99% of it is for this man: Jensen Ackles, sigh, who plays the fictional love of my life (sorry, Alpha Man) Dean Winchester. How about you, who’s your TV boyfriend right now? ...more

The cat speaks…

Meet Satan, aka Evil Kitty. She rules the roost, she is grumpy, she is hairy, she takes up more than her fair share of the bed and she is the love of my life. Tell me about your fur babies ....more

Monday’s Musings

First of all, the shenanigans going on in my books today: Second of all, have you heard that Chloe and Sawyer are back with a new story? Preorder for $1.99 Kindle Nook iBooks And third! I’m dying to know what your fave books of 2014 have been so far ....more

Only me

So I drove to the store and grabbed my car remote thingie without looking and because I was tangled up in my bag and some other stuff, I hit the door lock on the actual door rather than use the remote, and then shut the door. A little while later I came out of store and tried to hunt down the car remote thingie in my bag but it wasn’t there. I’d grabbed the little garage remote thingie instead! ...more

Thursday’s Tidbits

I often get asked what were my fave books to write. This changes often but here’s three: RUMOR HAS IT: One of my personal favorites, because the heroine is really really smart, and really really socially inept. When Kate sees a cute guy, she gets nervous and spouts science facts ....more

Happy Hump Day

So I’m writing another firefighter. I can’t help myself… You don’t mind, do you? ...more

Best Of

There’s a new Shalvis member and he fits right in cuz he’s as prickly as the rest of us. He’s very shy, our porcupine. He’s living in our front yard ....more

Monday’s giveaway

So see if you can take a guess on which of these things actually happened to me over the weekend: 1. I tried to light our bbq and … managed to singe off my own eyebrows. Dammit. 2 ....more

Friday’s Facts

1. My man cold has been reduced to a woman cold, which means that I’m going to live. 2. The Amazon/Hachette war is over which means you can once again preorder my books from Amazon. 3 ....more

There’s a man cold in the house!

… and it’s me. I have the man cold. This is pretty much a conversation Alpha Man and I just had, only it’s me in the bed ....more