3 Tiny Habits can Change Your Life

January is behind us and for many, those resolutions we made just 30 short days ago are behind us as well.  Let’s be honest with ourselves for once.  Are the resolutions you carefully wrote down, stored on your iPhone, and shared with your family realistic?  Can you really stick with them long term?...more

Making our List and Checking it Twice

Reflecting on 2011, it was a year of birth, tests, changes and growth for Jill's List.  We are proud to share with you our accomplishments in 2011 and our plans for 2012.In 2011, the Jill’s List team: ...more

What Do Our Wrinkles Truly Reveal About Us?

Every time I look in the mirror, it seems another line has developed around or between my eyes. Is it lack of sleep, the stress of work and three kids, or could it possibly be the roadmap to my inner self?  If you ask anyone in North America, they’d tell you those wrinkles are simply a sign of age, and in the next breath, they’d refer you to their plastic surgeon.  But according to ancient Chinese medicine, those lines on your face may tell a deeper story about who you are, and may even provide a roadmap to the inner you....more

Finding a Good CAM Practitioner

How does one find a good Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioner?  Typically, patients have conversations with friends about their health issues - their aches, their pains, their moods or headaches, and so on. Until recently rarely did recommendations or referrals to CAM practitioners came from a patient’s primary care physician, but instead came from a trusted friend whom had tried a treatment for a similar condition. So the burden to find a CAM practitioner has traditionally fallen on the patient....more


It's spring cleaning time!  Members of Jill's List are cleansing...should you?  Join us for a NATIONWIDE DETOX starting May 1st (and tell your friends!!)...more