Monkey Bread

One random day I remembered a recipe from when I was in Middle School that my friend and I did a lot. We called it Monkey Bread. I wanted to share this because it is easy, yum, and fun for everyone! I actually made it that day and it was great! I brought it to a meeting and everyone thought it was the most fantastic thing ever. Try it!Ingredients:Pilsbury dough or any kind from the refrigerated section (croissant, roll, really anything)brown sugar, granulated sugar, cinnamon...more

Love OR ...

When my boyfriend told me that every birthday after 21 is not so important or fun... I didnt believe him. But... as I am sitting here 19 minutes into my 22nd birthday, I am writing to say that yes, this birthday sucks so far. Maybe because I havent really planned anything or because my day falls the day before Christmas Eve, but he. was. right....more

Healthy Tomato Basil Soup & Balsamic Salad

Not enough time to cook a big meal, but still want something tasty, fast , and cheap? Try my Tomato Basil Soup and Balsamic Salad.No need for measuring... just eyeball everything to how you want your soup and dressing consistency.Tomato Basil SoupIngredients:1 can diced tomatoes(you can also add some fresh tomatoes in there too),  2 cloves garlic, one onion (chopped), 1/4 can of chicken broth, garlic power, italian seasonings, basil, mozzerella cheese (shredded)....more

Food for a College Girl

Avoiding the freshman 15 is like trying to avoid the flu when all of your friends are sick. It's nearly impossible. That is, unless you have a super fast metabolism or just genetically skinny. Coming from someone who has never been skinny in her entire life (well except maybe in elementary school) that meals are social times especially when you are a freshman trying to meet people. ...more