On Writing Badly and Slowly

I get a lot of emails asking for writing advice, so I thought I’d try to address some of the most common questions… Sometimes the writer has already written a book and is facing the Herculean task of trying to get it out into the world. There are a ton of resources for people at this stage of the game and I don’t consider myself an expert. Ask your writer friends how they did it ....more

Friday Faves 1/23

1. I loved Kelly Wickham’s Talking to Children about Ferguson and Social Justice post at Little Pickle press. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to approach these tough topics in a developmentally appropriate way ....more

To My Son on his Gotcha Day 2015

It was T’s “Gotcha Day” last week, which is adoption-speak for the day we finally held him for the first time. I write him a letter every year, trying to preserve for him (and me) a snapshot of who he is at that moment in time. It has been six years ....more

Five Friday Faves

I’m trying out this new curated Friday faves thing. Totally not because my book editor asked me to do it (ok, she did, but she didn’t have to ask twice) but because I love having opinions! And this is my blog so I get to! ...more

Who Do You Think You Are?

It’s my last day in New York and I have pink eye, which is a complete mystery because Tariku doesn’t have it and it’s not like I’ve been walking around Sephora shoving dirty mascara brushes in my eyeball. Now I have to throw out all my makeup, which is about enough to make me have a nervous collapse. Farewell, dear MAC eyeliner ....more

Waving Goodbye

My friend Helen died a few hours ago. Her daughter just called me sobbing as I was headed back into the house from my barre class. Helen was our next door neighbor at the old house ....more

Pie Fight!

I smashed my iPhone and I’m up in the mountains. Gah! Email me ....more

Holding 2015

Today, on an unusually chilly L.A. morning, I went to my Pop Physique class and happened to throw on a shirt I haven’t worn since I got back from Africa. As I was lift-hold-squeeze-lift-hold-squeezing, I could still smell Ethiopia on my shirt. Tears pricked my eyes as I remembered the rocket fuel coffee, the delicious berbere, the van like a rickety roller coaster, the strong hugs of the women I met, the tears of this little sweetheart at the orphanage ....more

TBT: The Cards of Christmas Past

Hope you’re having a beautiful day! For your holiday enjoyment, here’s a recap of the past six Shriner Christmas cards… ...more

Wholesome Holiday Fun!

Wishing you much love and laughter, from our family to yours ....more