Siblings Five Years Apart

We had not planned on spacing our children five years apart, but that is what happened.  I was diagnosed with secondary infertility and our ideal plan for spacing our children fell apart. I always thought two years was the perfect spacing for siblings.  They would be able to grow up together, playing with each other.  When the two-year mark came and went, I panicked.  My son, Max, would not have the ideal family.  He was missing out on something amazing and I was powerless to stop it....more

The Picky Eater Dilemma

 Max has to be the pickiest eater that ever lived.  Even as a baby he told me right away if he did not like the baby food I was feeding him.  If I tried to feed it to him again he would scream and cry.  When he turned 4 years old his big thing was wanting to eat one thing all the time until he was sick of it and then he would never want it again."What do you want for breakfast, Max?" I would ask....more

Teaching My Child To Make Good Decisions

My son became obsessed with watching each Star Wars movie.  He was riveted, soaking in each scene, all the while sword fighting with his dog.  And then the shocker came.  He would never be the same.Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker's father.But, Mom, how can he be Luke's father?  He's a bad guy!...more

Summer Survival Tips For Parents

For many of us, the start of summer signals the end of school.  Uh oh!  What now?  Like nails on a chalk board we hear, "What are we doing today?  I'm booored!" Grrrr!  But it does not have to be that way.  Here are a few tips for preparing for summer vacation....more

Top 10 Disgusting Things I've Done as a Mom

Let's face it -- after having children, we have all changed. Before children, I was well-groomed and well-rested. Now I'm tired, worn, but oddly enough, content (the mystery of motherhood). I've done things that would have once made me gag, but are now just my norm. Prepare yourself for the disgusting mom things I do!...more
@Denise I know. It was gross. All lukewarm and smooshy. I don't recommend it!more

Second Child On The Way: Will He Be Loved Just As Much?

This was the nagging question, in the back of my mind, for nine months.  This was the question I refused to ask out loud....more
@nikonMom  It means so much to me that you understand and that people have felt the same way.  ...more

The Truth About Lying

The first time my son lied to me I was like, "Oh boy, here we go!"  It had begun.  He had discovered the art of not telling the truth.  His recent lie happened yesterday....more

My 5 Year Old Son Is Sexist!

Let me start off by saying that I grew up in an extremely matriarchal family.   I was raised by a single mother who took on every role.  She was both mother and father.  She held a full-time job and taught me the value of a good education and strong work ethic.  As a little girl I rarely pretended I was in a wedding (in fact, I do not think I ever did) and when I played with my Barbie dolls I always sent them off to work.  I never owned a Ken doll...more

Apparently Potty Humor Is Not Acceptable at School?

My son's teacher pulled me to the side during pick up the other day. She had a very serious face on and I knew something was wrong. What did my five-year old do? He pushed? He spit? He picked a boogie and flung it at a girl? I looked at her face again and realized that she had the scrunched up brow of woman who heard an unsavory word. Oh boy! My mind scrambled, thinking of every word I've ever said in front of my son that was followed by a quick, "Never repeat that!" The list was extensive. ...more
Bahahahahaha!  I love it!  Awesome post!  If my kid's teacher did that to me I probably would ...more

Are Boy Teachers Real, Mom? (Male Teachers In Preschool)

This is the question my son asked me as I was driving him home from school yesterday.  My first reaction was to laugh, "Yes!  Boy teachers exist, Max!"  I did not laugh when he calmly replied, "Well I've never seen them, but I've seen a lot of girl teachers."...more