Zoe Kazan Talks "Ruby Sparks", Pressure, and Fighting Over Pizza

Say the name: Ruby Sparks. Catchy. Curious. Cute. There's a certain ring to it, no? For me, it just seems sparkly... red and sparkly. And red and sparkly gets my attention pretty easily... same for you? Now another name: Zoe Kazan. Also has a ring to it. Like, 'my-legendary-grandfather-Elia-practically-invented-acting-and-filmmaking' ring. And 'my-mom-Robin-Swicord-is-an-Oscar-nominated-screenwriter' ring too. Sheesh. Talk about pressure....more

Super Women: The Ladies Rock "The Avengers"

Have ya heard the buzz? Of course you have. You've been hit over the head with it multiple times the past few weeks. The Avengers is opening in theaters. Like, NOW. This has been one of THE most anticipated superhero movies in the last few years... not only because it has a crazy Marvel comics fan-following, but because it's got some of the hottest stars starring in it. (Hello, Robert Downey Jr. Watching him as Iron Man will never get old to me......more

Hollywood, High Heels, and My Big Pregnant Belly: VH1's Critics' Choice Awards

The 17th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards aired live last night on VH1... Viola Davis, George Clooney and a little, silent-but-amazing-must-see film called The Artist took the top prizes. Spielberg, Pitt and DiCaprio showed up. Scorsese and Sean Penn were honored....more


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