Still Processing the Conference

I found this post that I had written about an early morning solo exploration I had taken when I was on a girl’s surf trip in Sayulita, Mexico. I was in search of a yoga class that was being held in a local couple’s home. She was from Cuba and he from Mexico and they were holding their yoga classes on the roof of their palapa. The price of the class was by donation only so that the locals could afford to attend: BEGIN: Early one Sunday morning in Sayulita, Mexico I walked out my door in search of a local yoga class....more

Did you have your Finger on the Pulse of BlogHer '10?

I woke up on Sunday, both sad and relieved that I had made it through the BlogHer ’10 Conference with bulging elevators, lobbies, hallways and conference rooms filled with the other 2,400 bloggers attending the conference. Women and men connecting, networking and processing information while they “Networked Offline.”...more

Getting Organized for BlogHer '10

As I sit here on a rainy day on Nantucket Island I realize that this is my time to catch up on the BlogHer '10 Conference that is occurring in a little over two weeks.The first thing I do is peruse the BlogHer website and let that take me where it will, because all of we bloggers know that we must not fight the wave but ride as far as possible and remember to revisit where you started after the ride ends....more

Looking for other Writers

Just having come off of a Writer's Conference here in Aspen, I am having a difficult time committing to this blogging conference, a conference that I fully regretted not attending last year but it was just the beginning of my blogging career and I felt that I was not yet ready to immerse myself into thousands of other more established bloggers and pitch myself confidently.Now, one year later I wonder if this is truly the path that I shoudl be following or whether I should be focusing my attention on writer's conferences instead as my blog is merely a platform for my writing....more

Would love to go to a blogging conference! But from Australia, it's a little far. Good luck on ...more

An Encounter

I put my boots on and trudged through the new snow out to the barn to fax a 137 paged document to my mortgage company…. yet again.As the cogs in the fax machine began to squeak I stood in Wade’s sacrificial office, which is the antithesis of mine, playing with the smoke that was emitting from my mouth and nose. For me he built a beautiful office, inside the house, with a huge window facing South and situated directly next to the kitchen so I can jut in and out preparing meals and writing all in the same breath....more