Why I Love Wordless Wednesday

Call it fluff, call it meaningless, call vacant or inane. Call it whatever you'd like, I will continue to call it Wordless Wednesday.Yes, Wordless Wednesday is sometimes used by some (lazy, not-so-creative) bloggers as a means to fill space. A meaningless post with a date attached to it; the only thing validating its existence. Some ("my blog is a business only") bloggers believe #WorldessWednesday is silly and unprofessional. They argue that it devalues your blog by taking up precious real estate. I agree to disagree....more

21 day fix round 2: final results, photos and review

I did it! I completed another round of the 21 Day Fix for a total of 42 days of fat blasting fitness. The results? Better than I ever dreamed.I feel lighter, faster, more energetic, stronger, happier and healthier. By the end of round 2, I was lifting much heavier weights and had even bumped up the intensity level of some of the exercises. Please see the video below for a full review and update. You need to see how huge these pants are on me!...more

Maleficent Movie Review (NO spoilers)

My movie reviews have always been brief, and somewhat vague. I refuse to divulge plot details, as I personally never read movie reviews until AFTER I have seen a movie. I want each film I see to be an utterly pure experience, viewed through untainted eyes. I recommend everyone see movies in this manner. In fact, do yourself a favor and stop reading reviews before seeing movies. I promise you that your movie going experiences will be better....more

reality bites: when a training run hurts your feelings

I am 3 days into the 21 Day Fix and feeling incredible. Although I know I shouldn't be weighing myself, I did. I am down 2 lbs and am seeing minor changes in major places. That's amazing progress for 3 days worth of work.I was feeling so inspired this afternoon that it didn't occur to me I might have a hard time during my first training run in ages. I laced up my shoes, put on my watch, turned on my music, grabbed my phone and headed out the door to smash 2 uphill miles....more

Tool Rocks the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

A few weeks ago my boyfriend "reminded" me that we had tickets to the second of two sold out Tool shows in San Francisco. Not realizing he had never told me about the tickets to begin with, his "reminder" was actually an invitation. I was ecstatic! I'm the kind of girl that calls a night out to the Tool show a date night. Don't get me wrong - there are no songs brimming with lovers' adoration or catchy lyrics you might possibly hear later in a pistachio commercial, but it's Tool...live. It's transcendence. It's everything....more

arroz con salchichas y habichuelas guisadas

I posted this status update on FaceBook yesterday, and tagged my mom hoping she'd get a laugh out of it....more

New Season. New Hair.

Spring has arrived, and as usual it's that time of the month. Hold the phones, I'm not talking about that time, I mean the time of the month when I ask myself, "What should I do with my hair next?".  (Yes, really this does happen once a month.)...more

City of Angels