Better At Building than Blogging

Geeze!  I haven't even gotten on this site in so long!  We took a building break fort the summer, but we are back in force.  My sweetheart is going to school at night so we aren't working as hard as I'd like to but we are plugging along. Our cabinets are coming out beautifully.  I have been busy sanding and polyurethaning.  Working on drawers and frames....more

Three Weeks In

Three weeks into January and three cabinet carcasses are built.   Now I'm stressing over design.  Mind you; I had grandiose ideas of moving the sink and installing peninsula cabinets over a bar....  it just happens that we would need to remove a bearing wall and I don't see that happening.  We don't have the knowledge or the funds to tackle any such project.   We discovered we have other limitations too.  There isn't a lot we can do about the basic floor plan, it will have to stay pretty much the same but that’s okay....more

What happens when you dream...

It started about 27 years ago with a new baby and an addition.  Who would have thought.  The addition went up, the baby was born and a designer kitchen was being built. Fast forward to July 2010.  David is off to CA to live with Dad while he attends college and I want to give what was his room a facelift.  I bought a Porter Cable finishing sander and started sanding the floor.  The last coat of poly was applied in August just before we left for vacation.  Literarily!  ...more


    We had to replace the liner in our pond last spring which meant landscaping again. As I began working, I would have to lift the edge of the liner and move dirt around to bank the ponds edge. This was when I unearthed worms.  My pond is about 10 X 15, and home to many frogs, so when I found a worm I'd toss it any frog nearby....more

The Begining

Wow!  This is new to me.  I feel like I just walked into a  room filled with strangers and I'm about to meet a lot of new people.  I don't quite know what to expect from this adventure, I don't even know why I decided to blog.  We will see where this all takes me.    ...more