How To Stand Out In a Crowd By Being Considerate

I’ve always found that inconsiderate people stand out in a crowd, quite the same way that considerate people do. Of course, the later is a much more positive way to get noticed if you ask me. In the whirlwind, busy, stressful world we live in, I don't even think that most people realize that they are being insensitive at times. It may just be that they are trying to get through their day and aren't really being conscious of actually TRYING to be considerate. Pause for a moment to think about three things:...more

Grateful: A Poem About Appreciating Life's Difficulties

It's easy to be grateful for the good things in life.But appreciation for obstacles can sometimes show us so much more. Grateful...more

Keeping Life in Perspective: Why More is Not Always Better

While I am certainly guilty of working too-long-of days and not always stopping to smell the roses, I am trying harder all the time to keep a more constant mind set when it comes to appreciating the moments that matter in life, and focusing on things other than work and money.While I know that work is important and of course we need to earn dineros to pay for our essentials in life, when all is said and done, our accumulation of "stuff" just won't matter much at all....more

Tips to Decluttering and Simplifying Your Home and Life

One of our goals with the new move was to simplify our family's life. We are seeking to declutter and learn to live less materialistically. We figure that if we can eliminate the wastefulness in any form from our routine, that it will not only save us money, but will help us to concentrate more on spending quality time together.  ...more

Tofu: What It Is, Recipes, Different Types and How To Use Them

 I utilize tofu often in my cooking and baking recipes. It's very easy to work with and so versatile. I am often asked what to look for when buying tofu, and the answer to that really comes down to what you are using the tofu for, so I thought I would include a rundown of the different varieties and what each kind is ideal for. ...more

Why Mornings Matter: How Waking Up Early Revived My Mindset

How do you start your day? We all have different methods that fit our lives best. Some start with a bang: out of bed, out the door...hustle, hustle, hustle. Others need time, coffee, and calm to ease into the routine of another 24 hours. ...more

Why Money Won't Buy You Happiness: What Really Makes Life Rich

I was talking with a friend recently about life and the many different detours and paths it seems to take. The discussion turned to money and we both realized that as we grow older the almighty dollar becomes less significant in terms of measuring contentment and happiness....more




interesting thoughts! 


I ...more

A Letter To My Kids: My Declaration of Acceptance & Love

I had an odd thing happen to me recently. I was eulogized as someone I used to be. I know that sounds odd, because I am me - always have been, always will be. It's true that I have found courage through my years to put others' expectations behind me, striving every day to stay loyal to my heart.I understand that there are some who will simply never be capable of getting past appearances; will never be able to understand that the blinders of faith are not for everyone; that the dreams of one are not the dreams of all. I get that. I do. It's unfortunate, but it's reality....more

How To Solve The Missing Sock Scenario: 3 Socks Are Better Than 2

Have your socks ever fallen victim to the Bermuda Triangle of laundry mysteries, the missing sock? Just why can't those pairs stay together and WHERE exactly do they disappear to? Well, as a sock lover myself (here is a link to a photo album of over 70 of my favorite pairs - yes, I'm obsessed), I was delighted to come across the charming and innovative idea of writer-director Edwin Heaven, called Throx....more

A Note of Encouragement: Live Life Your Way, Smile, Stand Strong, Dream Big

Just a note of encouragement today. I received a message on a social networking site recently from a person who was having a hard time pleasing those around her, while remaining happy within herself and was asking for some advice. It got me thinking that every now and again it doesn't hurt to assess your surroundings and take a look at just where exactly life is taking you. Are you living it for others or are you living it to YOUR fullest potential?Some ideas to remember:...more