I'm "That" Mom!

It all started with a Kleenex box.  Yep, a Kleenex box made me realize that I have turned into "that" mom. Honestly, I think every mom is "that" mom in some form or another, but today, thanks to my need for a Kleenex, it is official. ...more

One and Done: We're a Family of Three

"When are you having more kids?" It's a question I hear quite frequently. I don't dislike the question; I am not offended by the question. I don't hold anything against those who ask it. Ultimately, I am just surprised by how many people assume we will have more children. ...more
Like you, we struggled to be able to produce the one child, just before I turned 40. Once we ...more

Hey, Girl!

I can't do it.  I just can't leave well enough alone.Last week I posted here some of the great pictures of JJ that my friend, Lori, took.  Then I had to go and do this to them.Ryan Gossling ain't got nothin' on my kid!...more