jQuery Conference Austin

I spoke in Austin last week and forgot to mention it here because I’m the worst at blogging. Anyway, here are my slides. Although I talked about code and art, it’s a tiny bit more technical than the talk I did in Portland ....more

Ask Jenn: Feeling Like a Loser in Graduate School

I received an email from someone going through a tough time while changing graduate programs. I was going to write out my response, but I think this warranted a more personal setting, as “feeling like a loser in graduate school” is a very personal and known thing for me. Anyway, the following is the email and my in-pajamas video response ....more

Belinda Parmar: Why I won’t speak at women-only events

I want to speak at events where women AND men are listening. This is not a “women’s problem”. It’s a “society problem” ....more

CSS Perverts: Welcome to the Church of Color and Code

I posted a thing on Medium about hexadecimal color values and Satan, so that’s fun. Keep an eye out for more posts like this from Nick and I, aka CSS Perverts ....more

Learn Code, Make Art: my jQuery Conference Portland talk

This was my first time going to jQuery Conference, being in Portland, Oregon, and speaking at a conference. There is so much to write about, but that will be for another day. In the meantime, enjoy the video of my talk: ...more

What is 8-bit even?

When I was first working on make8bitart.com, making 8-bit style avatars for Twitter was really popular and I thought that was awesome. I was always a huge fan of this type of art, from old computer games I obsessed over (basically Centipede) to OS and application iconography (see and love: Susan Kare) ....more

Bad at blogging, good at tipping

I grew up in the restaurant industry. My dad, Jack Schiffer™, has been a cook forever, even spending a portion of his life living on top of the restaurant he worked in. I worked in a steakhouse as a cold prep cook, busser, and barback/runner, with Jack as my boss. I love going out to eat for the food and the experience of being served, and I am fortunate to be able to do it often ....more

jQuery Conference Portland is next month and I’ll be there

In fact, I’ll be speaking! My talk will be called Learn Code, Make Art: Using the Right-brain as a Code Education Tool ....more

Development on Windows

I started a new job this week (Senior Front-end Web Developer/Shark Keeper at the NBA!). The biggest challenge is working with a Windows machine, which I haven’t developed on in about six years. Whenever students would walk into my old office (naturally, I left MSU last week), many of them would see my iMac and say “can you even program with that?” and I would just laugh and laugh and laugh and… ...more