The Lump 6 - Finally

It's benign. ...more

At Long Last!

There are other people in other countries who will think us a little slow. Even our close neighbour New Zealand. There are others who will think us progressive – it’s all a matter of relativity. And even, in the end, we may not end up terribly proud of ourselves because after all it is all just politics and politicians, but we can enjoy today, and feel a bit chuffed, because (for those who haven't noticed) we, here in Oz, have our first woman Prime Minister! Meet Julia Gillard, the one with a grin like a cat that got into the cream! ...more

The Lump 5 - Back to work today

I don't want to talk to anyone at work about The Lump. Even though I'm happy to blog about it to anyone who is interested I'm not at all interested in talking to 98% of the people I work with. Except maybe the yoga group, but that is because they will appreciate the mammogram position! And I'm closer to them than anyone else. ...more

The Lump 4 - Casual zen in the every day

Katrina, the lovely young woman doing the ultrasound, commented at one stage that it didn't matter what was said to me, I always found something laugh about. I know this about me. I don't worry until I know I have something to worry about. It all started when I was twelve. My mother died. Easily the worst day of my life. So long ago. Very soon after this life changing event I found a book that belonged to my older brother about zen buddism. The page that got my attention, and the only one I remember was the 'here and now' page. ...more

Lump 3 - All Day Tests

Rocked up to the doctor, lovely young Indian woman, and got in delightfully quickly. She was so sensible and down to earth and even though I know most of what she was telling me I let her do the reassuring thing - most are benign, good to get in early, etc. Turns out she has a lump as well and went off to have the tests just two days ago. She put me down for a mammogram, ultrasound and needle biopsy. Told me to ring and see if I could get in today. None of these places are open on weekends! ...more

Lump 2 - Woke up this morning

The lump is still there of course. I feel like I've just joined a club I didn't want to join. I'm sure everyone is lovely but I'm just not interested in joining. There's other clubs I wouldn't mind joining, got a few in mind: a book club; a computer club; a gardening club; a feminism club. I just can't get excited about joining a club for people who just found The Lump! ...more

My first lump freaked me out completely. I couldn't get a mammo for 6 weeks and it ruined my ...more

I found a lump

The night before last, before I went to sleep, I found a lump in my left breast. I didn't tell my partner (a woman btw) because I didn't want to tell her right before sleep time and I didn't tell her next morning because I didn't want to tell her as I rushed out the door. I felt quite calm all day, although I noted that the right side of my jaw was tight and sore and my upper back was inclined to be tight. Not surprising I suppose. Probably had a very tense sleep. I am very much not into panic. ...more

I'll keep you posted. I'm on a roll now. Main problem is to figure out how to put in small ...more