Fundraising Is Massive Curiosity

 "If you think of anyone...""I read his blog""What do I have to do to get you to invest?"...more

The Haunted [Networking] Forest

In Conversation With: The Wareham’s Erica Wassinger

One of many things I love about what I do, is connecting with emerging startup communities. It’s great to have powerhouse startup communities in Silicon Valley, New York and Boston, however, if technology is the economic driver of choice, we need to have strong startup communities in every state. For the past two summers I’ve been a mentor for StraightShot, an Omaha NE based startup accelerator launched in 2013 by Dundee Venture Capital’s Mark Hasebroock....more
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In Conversation With: Jia Li, founder of Jia Li Collection

New York really is the center of the universe given its gravitational pull for diversity and global citizens. Let’s take Jia Li as a case study of this fact: Jia grew up in Yunnan, China, was educated in Europe with a business degree, then she moved to the United States 12 years ago. After working for a few fashion brands and seeing a niche in the apparel industry for fashionable and functional clothing designs for modern women, Jia started her namesake fashion label 4-years....more

In Conversation With: Action Hero and Founder / CEO of 1010 Park Place, Brenda Coffee

.jkhoey .LizaK .1010ParkPlace a bracelet with iBeacon tech that flashes "BADASS" when you're in ...more

Jump. Fetch. Beg. Who Gets The Bone?


Crowdfunding A Movement – Or Company, Product, Service Or Dream:

Can 'men founders' apply for funding on Plum Alley or is it for female founders only?  It would ...more

In Conversation With: Serial Entrepreneur,’s Amy Schrier

Amy is a serial entrepreneur who looks for opportunities to use visual innovation to form powerful media brands. She’s the Cofounder and CEO of, a digital and mobile platform about social action and travel, and previously she founded BLUE, an award-winning adventure sports and lifestyle content brand. An optimist who jumps at any chance to travel the world, Amy loves a challenge as well as surfing and yoga (just don’t invite her bowling). She lives by the motto: “Try everything in life once, and the fun things twice.” — Ziggy....more

In Conversation With: Merchandise strategist, product lover and the passionately optimistic, Nancy Paige

Nancy Paige knows retail and knows the product needs of professional women. It’s no wonder that she’s a fan of “Sex And The City”! Nancy is the Director of Merchandising at Tumi, co-founder of ja-vie flats and for 8 years was the Director of Merchandising at Coach. Did I say she knows retail? During her 8-year tenure at Coach, she tripled sales of outlet stores to over $2 billion....more

In Conversation With: CEO Red Shoe Movement & International speaker, Mariela Dabbah

Mariela Dabbah is the CEO and Founder of the Red Shoe Movement; Women Supporting Women for Career Success. I met Mariela in New York City when she met with her funding/business plan advisor (yes, a woman) at Grind Workspaces. Mariela believes that the worst thing that can happen is not to be prepared when your dreams come true – and being prepared as her latest venture unfolds, is clearly a priority for Mariela....more