To Thine Own Self be True

  To Thine Own Self be True   When William Shakespeare wrote these words in the 17th century, I doubt he understood the impact they would have on future generations – or perhaps he did. As one develops and aspires into a leadership role, she must be mindful of first, the power of her words and second, to remain as true to herself with the spoken word as possible.   ...more

Living On Purpose!

We all experience fits and starts as we make efforts to achieve our goals. Sometimes the jerkiness of our movements are imperceptible and other times, they seem so noticeable that we wonder how we’re ever going to get from point A to point b.  How does one stay focused when she is pulled in so many different directions – her children need her, her husband requests her time, her community wants a piece of her and her career is often so demanding? It helps if the professional woman is clear about her purpose....more

New Year, New Journey

New Year, New JourneyNew year? It’s mid July! What are you talking about Julianna?Often, we set goals at the beginning of the year but what happens when we get distracted? Do we just throw our hands up and say forget it? Sometimes, we do....more

Strategies to Success - Education

What do you think of when you hear the word “education”? Do you get excited the thought of big brick buildings, a room full of smart, intellectual people, lots of reading, studying, writing and tests? Or do you shiver at the thought of staying up late at night studying, getting a grade you didn’t expect, having to balance education and work and…? Is education always formal in your mind or can it be more organic and natural? When you think of education do you think of degrees you someday dream (or dreamed) of obtaining or do you think of missed possibilities and opportunities?...more

Know Thyself

In previous blogs, I wrote about some of the key success strategies I found in my research on professional women.  Now, I'm going to start elaborating on each strategy to provide a better understanding of how to develop as a leader, not matter what level you are in an organization.  The first strategy of success as a professional woman is to know yourself. When I first started as a professional, and had the opportunity to speak with various managers and mentors, I wasn't yet clear about what I had to offer as a leader or even, what I wanted to do and that ca...more

Balancing Your Life on Purpose!

Life balance is a journey and a process, not a destination or a one time event....more

Career Success Strategies - Part 1

It has been my experience that with every success, there has also been a barrier (or two or three or fifty) one has to overcome in order to achieve.  By achieving a certain status in one’s career, obtaining a degree or raising a family, challenges are inevitable; how one identifies, addresses and deals with those challenges more so, in my opinion, than whether one overcomes the challenges, is what determines success. In reading previous research on successful, professional African American women, I found both career achievement barriers and success strategies that were identifi...more