Thoughts on Round Vegan Running

I’m about a month away from running a half-marathon. I haven’t said a word about it here. The further I move into the vegan movement the closer I get to people who really push the health side of things – often to the point of shaming others ....more

Vegan News You Can Use (9/16/14)

I’ve missed sharing interesting vegan news finds with you! I usually post the news on Sunday but two weeks ago I was on vacation and I was working a market and a festival this past weekend. Better late than never, right? ...more

Meatless Monday: Pepper and Onion Israeli Couscous

In our busy household we like home-cooked meals, we love to eat whole foods as often as possible, and we acknowledge that most days we simply do the best we can. Last week we made a very quick meal, thanks to Dr. Praeger’s Kale Veggie Burgers (yes, KALE burgers and they are...more

Where’s JL in September?

Happy Saturday! I’m getting geared up for the Colorado Springs Vegan Pop-Up Market! Doors open in just a few hours and we’ll have lots of great, compassionate shopping TODAY from 12 – 3! ...more

Tofu Scramble Tostadas

Yesterday my slightly younger husband turned 45 (I turned 49 last week). What to give the newly vegan-at-home man? A delicious, home-cooked meal! ...more

Green (Tea) Smoothie for Two (Organic Matcha Powder GIVEAWAY!)

I was recently offered the opportunity to sample and review Kiss Me Organics’ organic matcha powder. I was happy to oblige! I know that green tea is good for you ....more

Fruit & Pepper Gazpacho (vacation purging)

Hello from Vancouver, BC! The hubby and I are on vacation and having a ball! Yesterday was my birthday (49!) and I celebrated by running 5 miles in Stanley Park ....more

Vegan News You Can Use (8/31/14)

Vegan news you can use (8/31/14) It’s vegan vs. cavemen as cardiologists square off on nutrition Everybody’s Already Eating these Vegan Foods Farm animal advocate, inspired by life in Warsaw Ghetto Fakin’ bacon! Delicious ways to mimic bacon’s intense, smoky flavor A ‘meatless butcher shop’ is planned for Minneapolis Restaurants cater to vegans in Orlando (FL) ‘Meatless Monday’ resolution passed in Cleveland (OH) At Margarita at Pine Creek, vegans get the fine dining experience (Colorado Springs, CO) Meatless Monday in Boulder (CO) Taste of Maine gives vegans more reasons to visit 15 Vegan Leather Jackets For The Cruelty-Free Fall Fashion Lover If you’re hungry: Berry “Scuffins” Warm Kimchi Bowl with Spicy Broccoli and Sesame-Scallion Wild Rice Vidalia...more

Vegan News You Can Use (8/24/14)

Vegan news you can use (8/24/14) 5 Things Holding You Back From Going Full Vegan More Are Not Only Living Green, But Eating Green Diabetic Neuropathy Improved with Vegan Diet The Soy Milk Ingredient That’s Getting the Axe Hampton Creek takes crack at breaking up egg industry Almond and Peanut Butter Recall: 6 Brands So Far Eateries tout meatless options for Orlando vegans (FL) No-Bake Vegan Dish Rewarded Iowa State Fair Honors PETA’s First-Ever Vegan Fashion Pop-Up Heads to Echo Park 12 Great Vegan Makeup Products Under $10 China’s Fledgling Animal-Rights Movement Takes Shape Nestle imposes animal welfare standards for suppliers SeaWorld’s Larger Killer Whale Habitats Fail to Appease Animal Rights Advocates Hollywood mogul Simon buys fur farm with animal rights activists...more