Vegan Vancouver (BC)

Last month Dave and I escaped for our first real (week-long) vacation in years. As many of you know, we packed up and moved from New York to Colorado at the end of 2012. Eight months later we bought a condo in Colorado Springs and packed up our apartment and moved into our new home ....more

Umami Anasazi Beans: A recipe from Vegan Pressure Cooking

My Pantry Project is going strong! Yesterday I shared some amazing vegan creations from Lee of The Vegan Version. My friends Asia and Ashley are sharing their pantry creations via Instagram ....more

Vegan News You Can Use (9/28/14)

Hello from PDX! Portland LOVES Sunshine Burgers! Chelsea, Jennifer and I plowed through 75% of our yummies on the first day! ...more

How to be Vegan: A Q&A with author Elizabeth Castoria

Have you seen this handy book for new vegans or the veg-curious? How to be Vegan by Elizabeth Castoria is a fun, playful book packed with information. If you’re new to veganism, it’s a fantastic primer ....more

Fall Vegan Fashion (The Compassionate Closet discount code!)

The leaves are turning. The nights are getting cooler. I’ve been shopping ....more

My Pantry Project: Lentil tacos with vegan sour cream and “Spanish” rice

I’m getting delicious photos of your pantries as part of My Pantry Project! Lee of The Vegan Version...more

My Pantry Project (Curry Joe Sandwich recipe)

Trust me when I say this recipe is random. The truth of the matter is that I’ve started...more

Vegan News You Can Use (9/21/14)

Vegan news you can use (9/21/14) Why Meat-Loving Philly Chef Scott Schroeder Is a Six-Days-a-Week Vegan Omaha restaurateur headed on 4-stop ‘Vegan Life’ tour Vegans, You Can Go to Subway Now PETA Names NYC Nation’s Most Vegan-Friendly City Veg Out: Top Vegan and Vegetarian Spots in Grand Rapids (MI) Lakewood couple to open Cleveland Vegan in former Wings Hobby...more

Thoughts on Round Vegan Running

I’m about a month away from running a half-marathon. I haven’t said a word about it here. The further I move into the vegan movement the closer I get to people who really push the health side of things – often to the point of shaming others ....more