Ants Are Ugly?? Huh??

Okay, I didn't know what I wanted to write about this morning, and I still don't know where this will go, but I heard a blurb on the radio this morning about a new "reality" show coming to Bravo.  I  stopped what I was doing because I wasn't sure I heard what I heard.  So, I shook the cobwebs out of my head, and then googled the phrase I thought I heard, but was hoping I was wrong.  I wasn't wrong.  One of the reality "stars," in describing...more

"Little Boy"

So, the social worker took "Little Boy" to my husband's office after school yesterday.  She told him that she had some really good news.  She then asked him what the best news he could get would be, and he said, "Not having to go back to that foster home."   The social worker told him that he wouldn't have to go back there, and asked him where he would like to live.   "Little Boy" looked at my husband and said, "With Mr. L "    And that was the best news Mr....more
You must be so excited to get the little guy transitioned into your warm and loving home! He ...more

Need Help? Call 1 800 MYHUSBAND

Our children are grown up, one in college out of state, one working full-time a couple hours away, and the other married and going to school and working.   Empty nesters, really.  Yet ...more
I think little boy will be very happy to have a lavender room in a house that provides ...more

Word Association . . . of a sort

I started reading a new book last night.   It's called The Haunted.   (You know me and my ghosts - - gotta love 'em).   So far it's a pretty good book, although I'm only a few pages into it.   The "Haunted" place is a big plantation home in Virginia called "Melody House."   But, I'm not going to talk about the book.   However, this morning I was thinking about The Haunted and Melody House, and the word "melody" stuck in my brain for a moment.  And then...more

LOL . . . NOT

A while back I was on facebook and I innocently said "lol" on one of my comments to a friend.   Big deal, right?   That's just part of the "language" - - everybody uses it.   Well, my daughter, who is away at college, saw it and HAD. A....more
That's too funny! Why would kids find it odd that parents are getting hip with acronyms? I think ...more

Creepy and Freaky

I haven't said much about the paranormal lately.   I've been a little disappointed in Ghost Hunters - - nothing creepy enough to make me jump.   I like to jump!  The movie "Insidious" made me jump.   "A Haunting In Connecticut" made me jump.   Very creepy, both of them.   And I'm looking forward to "A Woman In Black" in a couple of days.   Hopefully Harry Potter - - er, I mean, Daniel Radcliffe - - will make me jump.   ...more

Do I Point My Toes Up or Down?

I woke up very suddenly this morning, jolted out of bed, silently screaming and openly crying CRAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     My son used to play football and his calves used to cramp up on him at least once a game.   He'd be running down the field with the football 50, 40, 30 yards to go  the crowd would be yelling and jumping up and down  and then ...more


My worst nightmare - - sitting in front of a HUGE mirror with my eyes taped open and no way to escape.  Just the thought of it makes me want to scream.    But it happened (well, not the eye taping thing).  This morning.  I really had no choice.  Well, actually I guess I did.  I could choose to continue looking like an escapee from the 70s OR I could sit in front of a Big. Huge. Mirror....more

Word Association

Word association.   Carl Jung used this method of testing early in his career.   The test usually consisted of a hundred stimulus words that were read out one by one to a subject who was to "answer as quickly as possible with the first word that occurs to you." The reaction time, verbal response, and test behavior were recorded and analyzed.  Jung noted that subjects' "unusual" responses were connected with something that had emotiona...more

Brownies, Anyone?

Last night my husband and I were invited to a Blue and Gold Banquet.   For those of you who were never Boy Scouts, let me explain.    Every year the local troops have a birthday party for the Boy Scouts, the Blue and Gold Banquet.   They get together and have the presentment of the flag and some type of program.   Normally food is involved - yea!   Last night it was spaghetti, salad and garlic bread, made by proud and loving mothers of scouts.   And, of course, cake....more