Sharing the Shine

               As a Toastmaster, I competed in my Area’s Humorous Speech contest a couple evenings ago.  I came in a respectable 3rd place.  However, the highlight of the evening came at the conclusion of the event when the Sergeant At Arms, a gentleman who belonged to a Toastmasters club from a different Area than mine approached me.             He explained how a speech I had given in the spring, a speech that had then awarded...more

What The Blog?

I have had a Blogher account for a year now and have only managed four posts, including this one.  What's been the problem? A large part of it has been trying to figure out my personal angle or hook.  Do I want to be a food blogger?  Do I want to be a travel blogger?  Do I want to blog about my choice to be married with no children for seventeen years and counting?  Maybe I should write a dog blog. Although I love themed blogs and admire those who write them, I am afraid it would bore me to do that myself.  This blog first and f...more
Thank you!more

Two Poems

I love to write poetry, especially about nature.  I am privileged to have two of my poems post to Jellyfish Whispers this morning.

The Writer's Voice Contest: Contestant # 189

Query: Double Lies is a 57,000 word young adult novel about fifteen year old identical twins, Noelle and Kendra Milano.  According to Noelle, being an identical twin is a curse.  Not only do people assume that just because you look alike, you are alike, but there are real dangers when no one can tell you apart.  Years after being wrongly accused and punished for stealing money at school (something she’s sure Kendra must have done and let her take the blame for), Noelle still harbors a hateful resentment towards Kendra and fights to establish her individuality...more
I love the first line of your 250. :)  Good luck!more

Memoir of a California Earthquake Rider

Being born and raised in the San Fernando Valley I’ve lived through more earthquakes than I have pairs of shoes in my closet.  Sure, it can be exhausting having to duck under my office desk, or dash beneath the nearest doorway at the first sign of a tremor.  Actually, I don’t do that. As a seasoned California Earthquake Rider, I usually stay wherever I am, e.g....more