Are You My Date? How To Find Him When You've Never Met Him Before

When you’re meeting someone you’ve never met before for dinner or drinks, and you’re the first to arrive, where do you wait for them? For example, a blind date or someone from an online dating site – anything like that where you aren’t arriving together. It can be awkward enough going out with someone that you’ve never actually met in person before, and worrying about how you’re going to know it’s them or not makes it even more nerve wracking....more

To Wax, or Not to Wax, That is the Question

Hey, eyes up here! Literally. I'm talking about an eyebrow wax, people. I just caught a glimpse of my eyebrows in the mirror and they are out.of.control. I used to be really good at maintaining them because I had one of those lighted, 10x magnified mirrors on my dresser in Philadelphia. But I haven't gotten around to unpacking it since I've moved so I'm thinking the last time I plucked was 2+ weeks ago. Yuck. ...more

Crazy, Stupid, Love? I Couldn't Disagree More!

I'm warning you now, there are spoilers sprinkled throughout this post. So if you don't want to know specifics of the movie, then don't read past the final warning below. But go see the movie and then come back and read and share your thoughts with me!In case you're not going to read any further, here is the bottom line: Go see Crazy, Stupid, Love. It was good, and you have no idea how excited you're going to get looking at Ryan Gosling's sexy face and rock hard abs for 118 minutes....more
excellent movie! And there is a cute singer in it . . .more