‘Bully’ Movie Review: A Must-See Film and a $40 Challenge

Each month, 3 million students are absent because they feel unsafe at school. If you don’t think there is a difference between “kids will be kids” and bullying, the new documentary film Bully will be an eye-opener....more

Are You One of the 800 Million Facebook Users Who Stalk the Ex, Friend the Boss and F@%*ing Swear?

Problem: Your friends are annoying, the boss knows details about your boozy Vegas weekend, you know what your ex did last night and your claim to fame stems from daily use of George Carlin’s seven dirty words. Aha! Is Facebook the root of your problems? Seems like social media could be to blame for your ills....more

Dirty Socks and Blunt Signage at Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street is still going strong at Zuccotti Park in New York City. Yes, the drum circle (shown above) is ear-piercing and drones on for 24 hours…sometimes including trumpets and other instruments that are making their downtown neighbors quite cranky at 3 am. Drumming, singing and rhythmic dancing are all part of the program, which I photographed on October 28....more

Hail to the Chief (Blogger): Barack Obama is Now on Tumblr

Guess who is now blogging on Tumblr? I’ll give you a hint: POTUS. (President of the United States, for those not wise to the acronym.) Welcome, President Obama. Incorporating yet another form of social media into the Presidential campaign? Smart public relations. And, the President is inviting the public to contribute to the blog!...more

Enough Already: Media Interpretations on How to Spell Qaddafi

Update on October 20, 2011: Muammar Qaddafi is dead, killed by Libyan fighters. Now, we don’t have to give the dictator further media attention, or try spelling his name any more. Good riddance....more

Dear Mr. Fall, You Really Need Some PR

"Dear Mr. Fall: It’s time for you to benefit from some positive public relations. You are having a crisis right now and you need a PR plan ASAP. Best regards, Me" Cheers to fall! Or, not? Despite the balmy temps on this first day of autumn, everyone seems to be lamenting the end of summer and the beginning of “leaving-for-work-in-the-dark-and-getting-home-in-the-dark.” New York weather is back to the high 70s but we had a taste of you, Mr. Fall, with a dip to 50-degree temperatures last week....more

Girls Rule in Soccer, Science Fairs + C-Suite. Or, Girls Kick Balls to the Glass Ceiling!

 Who runs the world? Girls. Look around and American girls are reaching big goals everywhere. From the FIFA World’s Cup finals to the Google Science Fair, women are making major news these days.American Girls Kick Balls into the Glass Ceiling While American soccer may not have as many fans as football, that could change when the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team goes up against Japan in the FIFA World Cup finals on Sunday. Science Isn’t For Sissies, Or Is It?...more

Tweeting The Pope's Religious Experience: Smart PR, Fake Accounts, Lax Media Leave Out Holy Grail

Unless you are living under a rock, you have heard that the Pope is now tweeting. Fabulous public relations move, Vatican! Smart use of a celebrity (ok, spokesperson) to promote social media initiatives. The Pope is using the Twitter handle @PopeBenedictXIV as part of a multi-faceted plan to engage younger audiences and connect via social platforms....more

Stephen Colbert Takes Self-Portraits, And Four More Things I Learned at the Tony Awards After-Party

On Sunday night while most people were turning off their televisions after watching Neal Patrick Harris host the 65th Annual Tony Awards, I was lucky enough to attend the posh VIP after-party at The Plaza Hotel. The star-studded black tie gala toasted Broadway and was an affair to remember....more