5 Things to Do Post Conference

So, you've spent all the money to go to a conference. You've prepped by searching for the best sessions and choosing the perfect outfit. The week has arrived. You go, meet great people, hear awesome information and say your good-byes. The work doesn't stop there. ...more

How to Help Stay-at-Home Parents

I was flipping through channels and stopped on an interview of Dr. Laura Schlessinger speaking about her new book called "In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms." Love her or hate her, she wrote a list that was right on. I'd like to add stay-at-home dads to the list, though, because they are working just as hard as moms. 5 Things Dad's Can Do to Help Stay At Home Moms ...more

Happy Good People Day 2009

Recently, as a hobby away from the kiddos, I have been exploring social media. On my journey, I came across a dynamic Internet celebrity named Gary Vaynerchuck. Today for the second year, Gary is dedicating this day to praising the people that are awesome and good - the people that have helped you become who you are, or the people that have shaped your approach. ...more