Absinthe Lollipops

After a month (or two) of holiday imbibing I take it easy during the first week of the year.  So instead of a cocktail recipe, I wanted to share a fun find -- Absinthe lollipops. ...more

Autumn Harvest Cocktail

It’s fall and the mind turns to crisp cool air, fuzzy sweaters, and crackling fires. Not in LA. Here the October winds are hot and thick, short-shorts are acceptable after labor day, and crackling fires…well, if you check the news, we seem to have that covered. Having come from the Midwest (and never having been a short-short kind of girl) I miss cold weather, changing leaves, and fire in actual fireplaces. I’ve been working on a cocktail that captures a little of that fall feeling. I intend to serve it this year at my West Coast Thanksgiving. ...more

Cocktails: Bailout Gin Lemonade

When life gives you lemons – put them in booze. You know the economy is bad when Confederate dollars are worth more than GM stock, and Monopoly money is up 2 to 1 against the US dollar.  (Apparently, Monocle Guy did not get into sub-prime mortgages.  He stuck to a strict “four houses for one hotel” policy.) ...more

Stanley's Kitchen and Tap: The Bloody Mary Bar

Did you spend election night dancing in the streets?  Does your head still hurt from all of the excitement? Whether you’ve been screaming in celebration or smashing things in anguish, I have a morning after cocktail “experience” for you – how about a bloody Mary the size of your car?  That’ll fix what ails you….   ...more

The Manhattanite

The Manhattan is a sexy supper club cocktail. I always imagine it being served in low-lit wood paneled bars behind heavy green velvet curtains.  The kind of place where poets and debutants sip chilled cocktails straight up while a heartbreaking jazz singer croons on stage alone. ...more

Tastes of Chicago: The Perfect Party Food

As a displaced Chicagoan, I take my hot dogs very seriously.  They have to be Vienna Beef with neon green relish.  Sport peppers, celery salt, and poppy seed buns, need to be involved too. I’ve had zero luck replicating this experience in Los Angeles. Don’t even talk to me about Pinks – it’s a lovely place – but I’m always the yahoo holding up the line acting out what a sport pepper is.  I’ve given up.  Now I order take-out from Chicago -- yes -- the City of. ...more

I grew up in Philadelphia my whole life. I decided to go to school down in VA, which was ...more

The Biden Beer Bomb

Barack Obama’s running mate (can I call him Joe?) inspired the Biden Beer Bomb, my fourth “Candidate Cocktail”.  Friends and family came over for the final Presidential debate and dined on delicacies from Chicago (My hometown, and Barack’s base of operations).  With comfort foods like Portillo’s Hot dogs and Lou Malnati’s pizza, the Biden cocktail needed to be simple and go down easy with cheesy deep-dish. ...more

McCain's Cocktail: The Maverick

My Friends -- The Maverick. Words that make me think, “Good Lord, I need a drink.” So I created one. Here’s the recipe: The Maverick ...more

The French 75 Cocktail

In 1919 an American officer stationed in England concocted the French 75 and named it after a 75mm howitzer gun.  Quaint. The cocktail wasn't made ring-a-ding famous until it appeared at theStork Club in the 1930's.  And, I must say, looks awfully good in their champagne coupes (pictured below). ...more

The Obamartini

A few friends came over to help me yell at the TV during the first Obama/McCain debate on September 26th. We dined on cheese-laden pizzas, apple pie, and Obamartinis -- a little Obama cocktail I whipped up to take the edge off. ...more