Low Oxalate Gluten Free Kid Friendly Lunches Series 2


We took a Vacation!

 For the first time in six years, we took a vacation.  For the first time, since Drew was one y...more

Q & A with Drew- Autism Recovery - Vlog 5

Just want to say thank you so much for the questions, comments, and shout outs!  We LOVE it!  Drew is a bit fidgety in this video; so sorry if you get a little nauseous or dizzy watching him. :)  He hasn't had a haircut in over a month; so he's also a bit on the scraggly side.  That said, I'm way more on the scraggly side which is why you don't see me in this video! Ha! ...more

Going to a Restaurant with an Extreme Special Diet

 If you're friends with me on Facebook, then you've probably already heard the news....more

Vlog 1 Autism Recovery w Drew!

Gonna start a weekly (if my brain can remember) Vlog.  If you have questions for me or Drew, please send them to us and we'll answer them on the Vlog!  Email me, comment on here, FB me, etc. :)Follow Us Too! Check out our new Vlog here!...more

Could a fever bring gains for autism?

And wouldn't you know it, Drew is sick for spring break. I swear he's sick every spring break; but I'll never forget this one... That's just one of about four posts on that rough spring break. Oh vey! That was a tough place and I'm so thankful that we aren't there anymore....more

Awesome Biomedical Resources for Autism

I originally wrote this post in 2009.... Things have changed a bit so I wanted to give it an update....more

Go Grocery Shopping With Me (at Whole Foods)

If you're an old Autism Warrior Parent Pro, you're totally used to the measures and expense that we go through to grocery shop for our special diet kiddos.  And, even if they're not on a special diet, I bet you're trying to keep things as natural and organic as possible.  I mean, these days, isn't everyone? Oh wait, these days, isn't everyone dealing with someone somewhere on the spectrum? Why is it that grocery items with less ingredients cost more?...more

Safe Green Lunch Boxes

The parent groups that I belong to have lots of chatter about safe "green" lunch boxes and food storage. With all that we have to worry about, having a green lunch box is just one more of those things. I'm going to discuss a product/ brand of safe green lunch boxes and cotton storage bags....more