Snow days, how you challenge my sanity

Snow days.  No school today or tomorrow.  Hopefully they will go back to school on Wednesday.I posted on Facebook, yesterday, a "thank-you" to Mother Nature for the timing of this Polar Vortex (that's a meteorological term I guess). Snow days are to be expected, but two of them in a row after my kids have already been home for two weeks on Christmas break is not cool....more

Because, you know, life was boring

Because, you know, life was boring FOR PETE'S SAKE. Seriously???...more

Okay, okay, I'll write something!

Okay, okay, I'll write something! It's 10:38 here in my world, and to be quite honest, I don't feel like writing.  But, here I am, and yes I marched myself up here to the computer in the chilly dormer room although I would rather be under my favorite blanket reading a book....more