From Saturday to Now

So I sort of fell off the face of the blogosphere, didn't I?  This whole "I'm going to post every day for a month" isn't in the cards for me.  But let me tell you my tale of the weekend through to this morning and at least explain why the thought of putting fingers to keyboard was unbearable...I have mentioned that I was taking steps to wrangle my anxiety to levels I could handle.  And so I saw my CNP last week.  She and I decided on a course of meds for me-based on symptoms and the meds I take to control migraine headaches.  I picked up the meds from my pha...more

On Reassurance and Moving Forward

I had a lovely post all ready to go yesterday. Thought it had gone live in the evening. Sometimes technology gets the best of all of us, right? To make matters worse, the darn thing didn't even save. Grrrrrr.So here is yesterday's post for update of sorts. I've taken the next step forward to wellness in my battle with mean anxiety. On Wednesday I had my appointment with my nurse midwife (who is amazing and perfect). She listened. She asked questions. Like any health care practitioner worth her salt, she did an assessment....more

Playing Pretend

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 Playing Pretend   Who remembers this ...more

7 Things on a Tuesday Morning

  Because it is a ponderous Tuesday is a list of randomness for you. <...more


Fellow women who were teenagers in the age of NKOTB, The Wonder Years, pegged jeans, penny loafers, scrunch socks, stirrup pants, and Boyz2Men...does the above advertisement look familiar to you?  Remember those Noxzema ads of the early 90's with Rebbecca Gayhart of the perfect skin?  I can almost smell the Noxzema just looking at this image, feel that slippery, cool, smooth lotion under my fingers when I see that jar.  Each time I cracked open a jar of Noxzema I felt the promise of perfect skin come over me.  I looked into the mirror with hope.  I would run my fing...more

Spring Plann(t)ing

Today is a gloriously sunny Saturday in January.  A rarity for Northwestern Ohio.  Not only is it a sunny day, but it is warmer than average, it hasn't snowed much at all this winter, and we have had a stretch of sunshine that would rival any week in the springtime.  Needless to say we are all walking around with bated breath, telling ourselves the "big one" is right around the corner.  Snow blowers at the ready, loaves of bread and gallons of milk stocked. We have issues, clearly....more

Happy Hour Friday January 6

I had abandoned this lovely little writing assignment I'd given myself, for reasons I cannot even articulate.  Because there aren't any.  Well maybe because it was an assignment and once something becomes work and moves out of the arena of fun I feel a little rebellious.  Which is ridiculous because I made this up!  (bangs head on desk)Anyhow, back to happy hour (clink of glasses in background, sounds of live band playing, murmur of crowd) I hope that sets the mood for you...It hasn't been the easiest week for me personally.&nbs...more

Putting One Foot In Front of he Other

I really loved today's NaBloPoMo prompt "what is the hardest part about a beginning?"  It followed yesterday's post so well, I decided to ponder it for a bit.  Yesterday I took a deep breath and opened the door on a subject I have been very hesitant to talk struggles with anxiety.  And what happened?  Lots of things, of course.  First-I worried about it. (duh) What does one who struggles with anxiety do, naturally?!...more

Just Breathe

This cursor is mocking me.I thought today's post through over and over as I drove, not certain how I would attack it.  If I would even write it.  But I think that if I write it, I will feel better.I hope.I have come into the grips of some terrifically terribly-awful anxiety over the past year or so.  It ebbs and flows. At first I thought it was seasonal...winter blues.  I just needed some sunshine and warmth then I'd be all good....more

Beginnings and Endings