It's not about the broken cookie

 When my son was a toddler, I went to a parenting seminar. I don't even remember what this particular one was about, but the speaker imparted a bit of wisdom that I return to again and again as I view human behavior and current events.It is not about the broken cookie....more

If I could flush it, I wouldn't be so full of crap

 Yesterday's rehearsal was bad. Beyond bad. Let me clarify. My playing was beyond bad. Everyone else was just dandy. As the first violin, however, I anchor the group, and if the anchor isn't set into solid ground, the whole boat drifts, no matter how sound it might be....more

Recalculating. Who says I'm lost

I've had a GPS in my car for ten years. It was invaluable to me during my years in Boston, where the big dig meant a myriad of road closures and poorly marked detours, and here in D.C. with its tangle of barricades and one way streets. It is also great for finding the closest Starbucks.Continue ...more

Women Who Rock--Women Giving Back

Pat Leader wasn’t looking for her “thing,” but it found her anyway.One day, while grocery shopping, Pat ran into a friend she hadn’t seen in a while, and something was clearly wrong.  Her friend looked haggard and worn, with her children in tow.  When Pat expressed her concern, her friend confided that she had left her abusive spouse. She and her children had quickly packed a suitcase and sought safety in a shelter for abused women where they lived while she worked to get back on her feet again....more

The houses in Elle Decor are clean because no one lives in them

If I were in charge Dust would be a design choiceMom's wishful thinkingWords by J. B. EverettPhotograph by Keith Ramsay Visit the Mobyjoe Cafe to talk about life, parenting and finding passion and purpose....more

Today's Momaiku :Teenagers usually have an agenda, and it usually includes you

 "I love you," he saidYou need a ride somewhere, right?Yeah.  That's what  I thought. Momaiku posts 7 days a week - click here to visit...more

My son should start saving for therapy now

My son was bemoaning my lack of sympathy for something or other.  The fact that I can't remember what it was demonstrates just how inconsequential whatever he was griping about was.  I'm sure it was a hypothetical. My son loves hypotheticals, which after endless strings of "what ifs" I don't address anymore.  Something he can discuss in therapy. Continue...more