iPad Addiction Breaking Bad with OurPact

*This is a sponsored post from OurPact to review their app, but...more

In Reality (Super) Moms Lose the Cape

“I want Olaf in my backpack!” This was shouted to me at 8:30 am on a Friday morning by my 5 year old. Mind you she had been up, getting ready for about 45 minutes and picked 5 minutes before we needed to be outside to catch the morning school bus for school. The morning deteriorated even further into the depths of despair and you can read more that I recently shared here ....more

Are You Smarter In Math Than a Common Core 5th Grader?

Sometimes I forget that I was always a bit of a brainiac in math or even that I taught middle school math before having my kids. But then I will come across something,...more

Ridiculous or Not – Moms, It’s All Worth It

Moms, you know those moments when you have tried everything and nothing seems to work with young school aged kids. It is only 9 am and it just feels like it is 9 pm from all the early morning stress. ...more

Let’s Play Ball! Quiz for the Sports Parent

Almost 2 years later and this once girlie girl is finally getting over the shock of being a sports (soccer) mom. Yet, when I sit out on the field on a gloriously warm spring Sunday afternoon...more

What’s in a Name?

“You should have gotten married after Frozen came out.” “Well, that was quite a few years after dad and I did get married....more

Dear Mom at Kohl’s

Dear Mom at Kohl’s, I am still quite shocked and gobsmacked even days later as to what transpired. At the time, I stood there pretty much stunned and on the verge of tears, because my own motherly instinct took hold of me, as you scolded and reprimanded me treating me like I was some sort of an...more

Faded Age Is Just a Number Or Is It?

Pimples needing Noxema, Lip Smackers’ teen spirited drama, 90210 boy watching, MTV still playing videos, Seattle Pearl Jam grunge wearing, Girl Talk–Faded Memories...more