Making your voice heard

Today is an exciting day, for me and for millions of other Americans because we get to go to the polls and pick our next president — and irrespective of whom you’re voting for, I hope you will be voting and will make your voice heard.  As the Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee, I am of course backing John McCain.  At the end of the day, I believe he offers the country our best chance to move forward, especially where our economy is concerned. ...more

First of all, I am happy that an African American has achieved the highest office in the ...more

My Take on the Vice Presidential Debate

On Thursday night, millions of Americans tuned in to watch the first-ever vice presidential debate featuring a Republican woman discussing the most important issues of the day with her Democratic opponent.  It was a historic event, and as the Co-chair of the Republican National Committee and someone who champions the involvement of women in our party and our political system, I was extraordinarily proud of Gov. ...more

Okay, I love your back-handed compliment about me being correct.  You say that  I'm right and ...more