Are Women and Men wired differently?

This is the substance of a blog posted a while ago in

On Being a Woman - Options

The following was written in the late 1970s or early ‘80s, during which time I was a newly “liberated” woman with a family and a demanding career. I happened upon this essay while sorting through a box of “old writing” looking for something else. Apparently I had submitted it to a couple of magazines, but it wasn’t taken, and it was set aside as I went on to other things, mostly professional work and raising children. I’m now long past of those pursuits, am retired and have teenage grandchildren....more

On Being a Woman - Now

I have been blogging on a different site (Solo Women at Home and Abroad) about traveling and moving and the sorts of meditations they induce. But now it’s time for a blog that comes from the core of my being, my most intense identity, my experience of BEING A WOMAN. (This is a modified version of material of a blog I posted elsewhere.)  ...more