Banish The Calories Cake

Adapted from 2007/08/05/negative-calori e-chocolate-cake/ to remove the eggs entirely, pump up the flavour a touch and keep the delicious, easy flavour. Not entirely negative calories, but a heck of a lot better than cakes staked 10 tiers high! These single-serve treats don’t even need frosting to keep ‘em deliciously moist! Banish the Calories Cake Makes 8 Ramekins 1 box Betty Crocker SuperMoist Chocolate Cake Mix 1 tbsp cornstarch 1 very ripe banana mashed 1 1/3 cups water ½ cup cold coffee 1 tsp vanilla Lightly spray 8 ramekins with PAM. ...more

Vicki's Wonderful Sh*t Stacks

Ah, bake sales. The school year's full of them! As if that wasn't enough on it's own, December brings along cookie swaps, gift bags, parties and coffee nights, and of course there has to be something sweet at the table every time! Whenever I think of bake sales (or anything to do with my senior Reach team, in fact, who are all in the photo below), I always have one delicious (and hilarious) treat coming to mind: Vicki's Sh*t Stacks. ...more

Hi Everyone!

Hi, most of you who know me would know because of my itty-bitty blog What Smells So Good? that usually posts for events like Kalyn's Weekend Herb Blogging. Now that I've found my way here I hope to be able to find a great community like the one surrounding me in the blogging world where we can have some fun! ...more

I'm not sure I've ever visited your blog before but I'm certainly enjoying myself ...more