Joanie's What's On The Stove - Week #2 Healthy

My first 2 weeks of being healthy have been a huge success.  I have gone to the gym 11 out of 14 days and have also managed to carefully choose my meals (at home and work) much more wisely.It's not easy when you have lunch appointments with clients and have to be smart about your menu choices while you want your client/to go for it and have anything they want off the menu. Dinners have been much easier for me and I have made an asserted effort to add green to my plate! Not to mention, no second helpings......more
Good for you girl! I have been hovering in the grey between sick of being so fat and not yet ...more

Week #1 of being healthy...SUCCESS!

Had a great first week - 5 out of 7 days at the gym (love my new #CitySport at #Stonestown in #SF ) and working hard to eat healthier as well.  Getting used to the bike (30 minutes) and then the treadmill for another (20-30 minutes)...the last 2 days I've even managed to work my way upstairs and use the weight machines as the first few days I opted for swimming laps....more

Joanie's What's On The Stove...HEALTHY!

Well, I did it and I need your support!  At 52 and very overweight, I looked in the mirror and told myself that it's time to get healthy.  On Sunday afternoon I signed up for the new #CitySport Fitness Center and also signed up my husband and our daughter (Marina - 17). ...more

Joanie's What's On The Stove...White Bean Soup with Pancetta

Nothing better than spending a Sunday morning in the kitchen!  Dinner in the making...White Bean Soup with Pancetta is Joanie's What's On The Stove for tonight.  Thank you to my Adrian and Irma for my 6 quart Martha Stewar...more

Joanie's What's On The Stove - Breakfast Time

Our favorite Sunday Morning Breakfast at home is Apple Cinnamon Pancakes.  Quick, Easy and Delicious.  No better way to start a football watching day then sitting arond the table with the family for breakfast. Hope you are all having a wonderful day!What's on your stove?Joanie...more

Pasta con Pesto

Pasta con Pesto - you can't go wrong with Fresh Basil, Garlic, Butter, Cheese and a pinch of Salt over #Barilla Linguine.  The basil at #TraderJoes looked beautiful and was delicious!  Love to be able to come home and fix a quick and wonderful meal for the family.What's on your stove?Joanie...more

Joanie's What's On The Stove - Lunch Out!

Sometimes you just have to venture out...My lunch yesterday was AMAZING!!  Was taken to The Cavalier (Executive Chef, Jennifer Puccio) and it was without a doubt the best lunch that I have had in years (maybe decades).  For an appetizer we shared the Horseradish Hollandaise Soldiers with Smoked Salmon and for an entrée I had the Wild Mushroom Pie with a hint ...more

Joanie's What's On The Stove #3

It's New Year's Eve...EveIt started getting cold this afternoon (cold for San Francisco) so I decided on the ultimate Italian-American comfort food for dinner tonight...Pastina in Brodo. It doesn't get any easier than that...good chicken stock and #Barilla Stelline. Paired that with a combination of cheeses (Gorgonzola, Asiago, New Zealand Sharp White and Wisconsin Extra Sharp Cheddar) and a loaf of #TraderJoe's Pugliese and it's the perfect easy (and inexpensive) meal.Now to bake Brownies for New Year's Eve!What's on your stove?Joanie...more

Joanie's What's On The Stove #2

A very yummy and inexpensive meal tonight.  Beef, Beans and Barley Stew (for lack of better description) and homemade Cornbread. ...more

Joanie's What's On The Stove

Joanie's What's On The Stove started by a simple post on Facebook a few months back of what I was cooking that night for dinner.  My friends loved it!  So I started posting on a semi-regular basis.  Friends were commenting about how they look forward to see what I've got going on the stove and more than a few suggested I should start a blog about is my first attempt, ironically, the only thing on my stove tonight is a pot of beans soaking for tomorrow. ...more
SanPasqual'sKitchen Thank you Tammy!  Looking forward to the adventure and having the ...more