Handling the Awkward but Necessary Talk

     Talking to your aging parents about their future can be an awkward conversation (especially if you know they aren’t as prepared as they should be). It is a conversation that we have to have but one we all put off. There are many suggestions of ways to spark up the talk, but one excellent way to get started is to do your own estate plan and use it as a way to talk to your parents about their financial situation. ...more

The Marriage Trend

     Marriage isn’t a necessity in this generation. According to the U.S. Census Bureau married couples accounted for 84 percent of American households. We no longer live in the 30s. Today, married couples are the minority at 49.7 percent of households. Instead of marriage, people nowadays live together without marriage. This trend is not just with younger couples. ...more

Making sure your hard work pays off

     Hypothetical situation; you decide to prepare for your future and protect yourself and your family. You spend tons of time and especially money hiring the experts, thinking it through, and finally finish your will and estate plan. Now when you assume you are prepared something happens to you or a member of your family. Even though you thought you had prepared against emergency or loss, the critical life information can’t be located. ...more

How long to plan for?

When planning for retirement, the huge daunting question is – am I saving enough money now to provide for my future? Do we have enough to sustain our preferred lifestyle or are we going to have to make a substantial lifestyle change when we retire? We could be in one of two situations. ...more

The Wake Up Call

As it turns out, women are usually left with the responsibility of caring for aging parents. We not only have to worry about their health but also our parents’ finances. One of our main fears is that our parents’ assets will not be taken care of in the future. While organizing their finances, we realize that our own finances are not as managed as they need to be. ...more