Affordable Care Act and Vocal Artists: How much will it help?

Does the Affordable Care Act help Vocal Artists? Some, not enough.Singers, actors, public speakers: as the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) morphs from political football into real changes in healthcare access and financing, how will it affect you as a vocal artist?  The good news: Once all the provisions kick in (2014), you'll be guaranteed some kind of health insurance, and the government will help you pay for it....more

Yoga for Singers

As a voice teacher and speech therapist, as well as a long-time student of yoga and meditation, I hear from many clients that yoga has helped their voices. Relaxation, balanced strength, breathing, concentration—it's no surprise that these abilities sync nicely with singing technique. Unfortunately, I see other folks whose vocal problems seemed to start when they began or changed a yoga routine. The following guidelines will help keep you out of trouble by integrating your yoga practice with what best serves your voice....more

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Blame my Grandmother for The King's Speech

Blame my Grandmother for The King's Speech? The King's Speech (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...more