How Being Sick Made Me a Better Runner

I recently started a running blog for women. My last race post left on a note of positivity. I had just finished a 10k at the Berkeley Half Marathon, and had plans to begin a run streak lasting until infinity. ...more

4 Life Lessons I Learned from My Boyfriend’s Cat

House cats have got life figured out. They have it downright made. All they have to do is look cute with their furry faces and their cute paws and I will do all kinds of things for them. My boyfriend's cat, Bob, is certainly not an exception. He has it made. He meows, I fawn over him. He meows, he gets pets. He meows, he gets fed. He has the life. We could learn a lot from Bob and other cats. You may be asking what one could possibly learn from a lazy, furry thing like a house cat. A few things actually.   ...more

Coconut Oil for Sunburns: Just in Time for Summer!

I am a big proponent for coconut oil. I slather the stuff on my skin; use it in my baking and as an agent for soothing sunburn. Coconut oil works wonders as a moisturizer, so when I came home from the beach the other day with a nasty sunburn on the backs of my legs (we’ve all been there, you know, that upper part near your butt that you always miss when you put on sunscreen), I decided to try a little coconut love. ...more
Amazing results!more

Simple Do's and Don’ts of Online Dating

This is 2013. People date online. There are a multitude of websites out there; eHarmony, OKCupid, Zoosk and just to name a few. One cool thing about having so many sites available to us (another being that some are free!) is that we can essentially cast that net and see what we catch. While it may not be practical, and it won’t go unnoticed (men, I am talking to you) to try talk to every girl at the bar, dating online means you can have a couple conversations going at a time, and pick and choose whom you actually meet....more
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Merchants and Marauders

I love board games. If you spend time with me, either in real life or online, it won't be too long until I bring up a game. Recently, I gifted my boyfriend the game Merchants and Marauders by Z-Man Games. I will refer to this game as M&M from here on out. M&M is an enthralling board game with a pirate theme. Players earn Glory Points while making a name for themselves as they go down history as the most notorious pirate!...more