Tips from the Writing Life

This originally appeared on my blog about my writing life and contains links to interviews I've done over the years....more

Persistence is Key

I'm a writer in Antigua. I did a local radio show this week and the lone caller came with a trio of questions one of which was my advice to other writers. I think I said something about reading a lot, writing a lot, and persistence. There're more profound things I could have said perhaps - like living, because life is the substance of literature. But looking back, what I said is a fair sum up of my journey....more

At the Dungeon: the intersection of history and imagination

The dungeon was hidden behind more bushes, built of stone and brick and tucked against the hillside. Had she not had a guide, Nikki knew she would never have found it; it being a small dark cave, with two or three steps leading up to the opening. She got a chill when she stepped in – stooped over, as she was not able to stand all the way – and saw the dots of light dancing across the stone face. The place felt alive.“What happened here?” Nikki asked in a hushed voice....more