Snowbirding with the Apostle Paul

I'm sitting in my pajamas and slippers in my room, looking out the window at the snow. There are about 5-8 inches outside, and 4-7 more expected overnight. I used to think that I loved winter ....more

Dear Stroke

Dear Stroke: ...more

Rewind and fast forward, an update on all kinds of things...

Even though Thanksgiving is in the past, it is still very much on my mind as I continue to consciously remember all I am thankful for. ...more

This and that, that and this

I have my dictation software up and running today-- with some help from ...more

Living in paradox

I know the dictionary definition of paradox pretty well-- ...more

A Quick update on life

I tried to sit down and blog just a bit ago, but could not remember how to get the microphone to work with my dictation software. ...more

Change of address

Change of address ...more

Looking Forward (Joanne)

Since having my stroke a little more than three years ago, I have spent most of my time looking back, wishing for life as it used to be. i am slowly coming to realize that it will never be like it was before. Even if i were somehow physically resored to health, life has changed ....more

Reading.... (Joanne)

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I love to read. Reading is one of my very favorite things to do. I have loved books for as long as I can remember ....more

Testing testing

Tobenworked hard this morning to install Dragon dictates on my new computer. Capital it's took a bit longer than expected But after going through the tutorial and playing around with it some, I think I have just about figured out how to use it to blog. ...more