To Women Everywhere This One's For You! I Applaud Your Strength. You're Fearfully Wonderfully Made. You're More Than A Conqueror

Strong women are beautiful human beings and can hide their imperfections so gracefully. You can never tell what they are going through just by looking at them. They will wear the weight of the world on their shoulders and still find time to nurture, love, and be there for others. At times, putting their needs on the back burner and putting first the needs of others....more

Celebrate YOU Today. Declare, No Matter What Happens, Today is Going to be a Great Day!

Ladies and gentlemen, this one is for you. No matter what you may be facing, know that God loves you. In times of distress, look to the Lord. Cast all your cares upon the Lord. Look to the hills from whence cometh your help. Know that God is a present help....more

No Matter the Situation, Trust God. Declare In Your Weakest Moments, Yet Will I Trust Him

Sometimes, to find your own peace, you have to make the decision to remove yourself from the equation and let God do what he knows best. You have to decide what to add or subtract from your life that serves no purpose....more

Ignorance is Bliss But Can Also Be Infectious. Speak In Love. Positivity Can Be Contagious

Whoever says ignorance is bliss should also add it can be infectious. Sometimes, silence in response to ignorance is counterproductive. Toxic people will contaminate your immune system and spread germs of hatred, discouragement, and negativity. Decontaminate infected minds with words of godly wisdom and positivity. Knowing when to speak in love can be contagious....more

Healing Takes Time. Humility Takes Courage. Forgiveness is a Process. Don’t Rush It

One of the most important things we must acknowledge about forgiveness is that it is a process that occurs over time. It doesn’t happen overnight. To mend something that is broken can take a lifetime to fix. Humility takes courage....more

Devil, Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself. You Have Been Warned. No Weapon Shall Prosper. I’m Covered By the Blood!

God is leaning in my direction. Favor is all around me. I won’t let nothing stand in the way of making me miss my blessing....more

What Direction is Your Moral Compass Headed? Is it Pointed in the Wrong or the Right Direction?

Each of us have a moral compass. Some are pointed in the wrong direction. Each of us have a responsibility to do the right thing even when it feels uncomfortable....more
Parthenia Queen Thank you :-)more

Happy International Women’s Day! Girl Power is in Effect. Ladies, Let’s “Make It Happen!”

To every woman that has empowered, influenced, and inspired positive change and continue to break barriers for women across the nation, “Thank You” for making it happen....more

Make a Mental “Note to Self” Today. Decide to Love, Respect, and Value Yourself, First and ALWAYS!

Note to Self: “I decided to change some things for the better. I will no longer be inconvenienced by people who refuse to or don’t want to do better. I won’t accept excuses anymore from those who choose to complain and remain bitter. Or those who perpetuate instability or violate my existence. Not because I’m being ugly or inconsiderate....more

Share Random Acts of Kindness Today. Make Someone’s Day. Be A Blessing!

Random acts of kindness go a long way. You can make a difference in someone’s life today. Share kind random acts with others. Do it in love. Be a blessing to someone.Let your posture represent God. Let it express what’s in your heart. Count your blessings. Keep your head up. Walk proud. No matter what it looks like in your life, thank God. ...more