Join a Job Club for a Shorter Job Search

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How to Fix LinkedIn Headline Mistakes

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Job Interview Success – Know the Employer Before the Interview

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35 Ways Time Is Wasted in Job Search

A job search can be a very tough slog through seemingly unending rejection – definitely not fun, particularly if you are unemployed with bills to pay. Effective job search methods have changes substantially with the Internet and other new technology, particularly in the last few years. If you haven’t modified your approach to a job […] The post 35 Ways Time Is Wasted in Job Search by Susan P ....more

Negotiating the Best Starting Salary for Your New Job

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Why Are You Still Unemployed?

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Chart a New Career Course with Information Interviews

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Modern Job Search Methods: 21st Century Career Management

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Increasing Your Job Search Luck

When you were a kid, did you cross your fingers “for luck” when you were really, REALLY hoping something good would happen? Perhaps, you crossed your fingers as you were getting ready to ask someone out on a date, star in a school play, take your drivers’ license test, or as the teacher/professor was handing […] The post Increasing Your Job Search Luck by Susan P. Joyce appeared first on Work Coach Cafe ....more