Job Interview Question: How Do People Describe You?

This question seems simple, but it most definitely is not simple. Don’t underestimate it!...more

Essential Steps for Building Your Job Search Network

Recent surveys of hiring methods show that most jobs are filled by employee referrals. The successful job seeker is referred (not necessarily introduced) to the job by a current employee....more

For Career Success, Pick Your Employer Carefully

As anyone who has had a job knows, where you work — the environment, the people, the “rules,” the compensation, etc. — has a very big impact on you and even your personal life. I n a job search, however, we often focus only on the job itself — the job title, duties and responsibilities, […] The post For Career Success, Pick Your Employer Carefully by Susan P ....more

The Key to Career Security

The velocity of change has dramatically increased in the last couple of decades. Technology becomes more embedded in our lives every day. Think of the last time...more

Close the Sale for a Successful Job Search

Like it or not, conducting a successful job search is...more

Protect Your Birthday to Protect Your Identity

I’m very annoyed with Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social network or website that collects your birth date from you, and then makes it public associated with your name. And, the reason I’m annoyed has nothing to do with age discrimination. I’m annoyed because publishing birthdays makes everyone more vulnerable to identity fraud ....more

How to Have a Successful Job Search Today

A job seeker shared his job search struggles with me. Let’s call him Bill (not his real name). He is a Veteran and has been in the investment and financial industries for the last 15 years, since he got out of the service ....more

Involuntary Change Can Be GREAT!

Sometimes change we don’t want, change we may even fear and dread — like a layoff — can be very good for us in the long run. Because we have stayed too long in a job that we’ve outgrown or too long working in a dysfunctional organization or a million other things. Layoff Recovery Stories […] The post Involuntary Change Can Be GREAT! ...more

Join a Job Club for a Shorter Job Search

A job search is a very tough process, especially now. Don’t job hunt alone! Search with a friend, friends, and/or family members, or, better, find a local job club to join ....more