TripHub partners with Orbitz

Planning a trip with friends, family, comrades just got easier. TripHub (leader in online group travel planning) today announced a partnership with Orbitz (a leading online travel agent) to offer TripHub's group trip collaboration tools (discussion blogs, event schedules, trip home pages, map and directions to events, and more) on The Wall Street Journal summarizes benefits for travelers: ...more

Travel Carnival on Inspiration

Announcing the 8th carnival of travel: inspiration is the theme. If you've ever written anything on travel that relates to inspiration or desire to, here's your chance. Submit a blog post on travel as inspiration. All perspectives have merit. Get creative; the word "inspiration" does not have to be in the blog post itself as long as the concept is portrayed in some way. Deadline: 11/28. ...more

Swoosh Down the Slopes: Ski Deals Are Ready

Summer wanes and those cool little breezes starting to make a flurry in the Northern Hemisphere mean ski season is coming. None too soon for many people. I'm not exactly one of them, but for those of you itching to strap the skis or board on your feet and fly down the mountains, "book early" or "stay early in the season" deals are out there now at nearly every major ski resort. Here's a full ski guide I put together for groups going to the slopes together. ...more

Green Travel Goes Mainstream

The big guys are pulling out the big guns. That's right. Expedia and Travelocity have both decided the green/eco-tourism trend is hip enough that they are making it easier for travelers to save the environment when booking travel with them. You can donate to TeraPass via Expedia, and Travelocity goes even farther by allowing you to buy CO2 "carbon offsets" and/or go on volunteer vacations. ...more

Will Travel for Food

I recently blogged about culinary tours (from wine-tasting to beer-tasting to gelato tours in Italy and other culinary delights). And after a recent two-week boat trip where one of the biggest daily agenda items was, "What shall we eat next?" it got me thinking. How many people travel for food? ...more

Hello Jocelyn. I have posted up your article on my site. I have added your blogher profile ...more

Carnival of Travel: Take 3

Carnivals are gathering places for people looking to be entertained. And "blog carnivals" are blog post collections around a specific topic. The similarity? Gatherings. Perhaps cotton candy if the mood is right. In the travel carnival's 3rd edition, there are several great articles from various perspectives. A few snippets: ...more

Seek the Water this Summer

After 4 solid days and nights on a boat at Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival in Seattle, I can honestly say I've learned the definition of refresh: to become one with the elements. Communing with nature felt like a vacation miles away from home, even though my front door was a 20-minute walk from the docks. ...more

Spa etiquette tips

My name is Jocelyn and I'm a spa junkie. I'm hooked on massages, the atmosphere of relaxation that's harder and harder to find with a modern go-go lifestyle. I travel near and far to find the best massage out there (any recommendations?). I recently covered spa etiquette tips on my blog, and tips for group getaways at spas. Have a look and please comment with any other tips you've learned along the way... I'd love to hear them. ...more

Hi Jocelyn,

I wish I had seen this before, I just got back from my first Spa visit. I had ...more

Most Memorable Beaches

It's Friday and we're all thinking one of three things: beach, beer, home. Since I'm at home working today, I'm thinking about beer and the beach. Mmmm... summer's here. Here are my Link Textmost memorable beaches. I find the memorable beaches are sometimes for raw beauty, but oftentimes for the memories shared or created with friends or family. Your favorites? ...more

Isle of Palms is always going to be my favorite, because I grew up there and it helped save my ...more

Introducing TripHub

Hello all, I entered the blogging side of the Web a few months ago when I started working with TripHub, a group travel planning site. It's been a wild ride, but after 8 years doing content management, merchandising, project management, and writing in the online travel industry, blogging feels a bit more free. ...more