Does Friendship Really Have Expiration Dates?

I'm learning as I get older that friendships don't always last forever. Most don't. People come in and out of your life with nary a care and some people don't even notice. I'm the type of person when a friendship starts to fade, I cling more, call more, email more, and when the silence on the other end continues it is deafening to me. I have to learn to let go, give up more easily. ...more
I am agreeing with what your close friend told you once.more

Shabbat: I Like Your Love

We started doing Friday night Shabbat dinners a while ago around here. Michael, my five year old, came home from his first year in Jewish Sunday school asking me why we don't celebrate Shabbat, and since I didn't have an answer, we do now.  Michael also insits most Fridays that we invite someone, "because Shabbat should be shared Mommy.  My teacher said so."  (Remind me to investigate exactly what is being taught at the synagogue we belong to.)  I'm through my Jewish friends and am going to move on to my non-Jewish friends soon.   ...more
I love the sentiment and how a Shabbot dinner really draws the line between the sacred and the ...more