Best Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

This is a guest post from my husband, Jeff.  He usually does the cooking (and me the baking).  He wanted to share this with everyone.  Enjoy!...more

Our Baby Schedule - EASY

In the Beginning....In the beginning, after Little Bird was born, we had no baby schedule/routine.  We basically flew by the seat of our pants and it seemed nobody knew what was going on, most of all Little Bird.  No one was sleeping and it seemed that everyone was crying.  Having a new baby was overwhelming, even more so because we had no idea what to do.  One thing that helped us was a baby schedule, a routine.  By establishing a routine, we knew what needed to happen and Little Bird knew what to expect.  The latter being the most important....more

Homemade Applesauce

Homemade Applesauce My grandma gave me a lot of free apples from her friend’s orchard.  She said I could make applesauce with them.  My husband ended up making the applesauce while I took care of Little Bird and built shelves.  He adapted this recipe from the one my mom gave us. The applesauce turned out really great so I wanted to share it with everyone. Ingredients ...more

Carving a Pumpkin

Pumpkins from the Pumpkin PatchWhile we were at Gull Meadow Farms this past weekend, we got a couple of pumpkins.  My  husband and I each picked one out to carve.  We forgot about one for Little Bird, we won’t forget next year though! I have not carved a pumpkin in years, so I thought it would be fun for us and a good sensory experience for Little Bird....more
I haven't carved a pumpkin in years. I think I should this year. Maybe a bunch of pumpkins.more

Life with One Vehicle

Living with Once VehicleOne Vehicle LifeFor a year and a half we have had only one vehicle.  It is a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500, and we both love it.  We decided on one vehicle to save money.  The goal was to save money for a new house.  We did save a lot of money every month.  We didn’t put as much into savings as we could have, but we did get a house!...more
We've been talking about getting a second car. We really don't *need* one so we're still in the ...more

ArtPrize 2013

ArtPrizeMy mom asked if I wanted to go to ArtPrize.  She watches my nephew on Thursday so we thought it would be a great outing with the two little ones.  I had never been to ArtPrize before so I said yes.ArtPrize has been put on for the past 5 years in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It is the largest art competition in the world and there is nothing else like it.  A total of 169 venues host art throughout the city....more

The Baby Gadget that Helped My Anxiety

First Night HomeWhen we first brought Little Bird home I was so nervous.  I don't think my husband or I slept at all the first night night.  We were terrified that she would die from SIDS in the middle of the night.  They drill that into your head at the hospital and through the media.  I was already nervous having a baby, then to add the fear of SIDS on top just made me have a lot of anxiety....more

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

Free Books Every MonthYes, it is true.  Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library provides a free book every month for a child from birth until age five.  I found out about this after I gave birth to Little Bird.  The hospital gave us a pamphlet about it.  It is all over the United states.  According to their website, 670,841 kids in the United States are registered.  They have programs all over the United States, and best of all, it is free.  All you need to do is sign your child up and the books start coming....more

Camping With a 7 Month Old

Camping, Really?Every year my extended family and parents go camping over Labor Day.  They have gone since before I was born.  I have only missed one year, the year I was born.  So last year, when I was four months pregnant, my husband asked if we were going to go camping in 2013.  I did not think we would be able to.  It sounded like a lot of work.  It also sounded tiring, and being four months, pregnant tired did not sound fun.  I figured we would wait until she was at least a year old before traveling....more

What Do You Do Now That You Stay Home?

What do you do now that you stay home with the baby?  That is the most frustrating question I get asked as a new mom.  My daughter is seven months old now, and that question has been asked more times than I can count since the day she was born.  It is usually asked by women who are mothers....more